Camera Fund Clothing Collaboration


Hair Clip- Charity Shop
Wolf Tie Dye Tshirt(*)- Camera Fund Clothing
White Peter Pan Collar(*)- Little Me
Denim Shorts- Urban Outfitters
Frilly Socks- DIY
Blue Heels- Ebay
Green 60s Sunglasses- Amazon
Friendship bracelets(*)- Laughing Assassin
Yellow Flower Ring(*)- a friend Megan
Lips and Eye Bracelet(*)- Choies

001. Hey guys, this post is so over due its unbelievable. I got these four t-shirts from Camera Fund Clothing, to model for all you lovely readers.They are the Tie Dye Wolf Tee, Jade Splatter Crop Top, Floral Pocket Tee and the Blue Shoulder Stud Crop Top. I was so fussy about how to style them and which photos looked best e.t.c. Then I thought man I need to just get them done and forget about it, it was bugging me so much.So here they are, I adore all of the tops I received they were so well made and very unique. I can't choose between them on what to keep. You guys will have to help me out, which one do you prefer?

002. Its been a bit hectic over these last couple of weeks, one being the weather was so divine I wanted to just forget the blogging world and enjoy it. But I had so many parcels in the post there was no time for a break. I really do respect the full time fashion bloggers, people think its so easy you get free stuff and take a   a photo, but no you have to plan the shoot, wait for the perfect weather, take the photos, edit them, choose the best ones( always the hardest part) put together a blog post, then the most important part is sharing the post and advertising the product well enough. Its pressuring especially when websites are buggy or you don't get it all done on time it stacks up like homework, and god those days were the worst. I mean I am so far behind with my blogging, I have even thought about not responding to emails, I don't want to become a manufactured clone of consumerism. I want to be able to have free time where I can make things, and allow my own creative to thrive through my style.

003. Anyway enjoy the photos, and the eye and lips bracelet is from a company called Choies, and the friendship bracelets are custom made by the lovely Aine from the Laughing Assassin shop. I have four of them and they say, 'teen','witch','lana' and 'del rey'. I adore them and I think my little niece does as well! 

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  1. Love the outfits especially the leggings ! ,love ur style,


  2. Ohhh those frilly socks with the blue heels are sooo cute!

    That jacket is sooo kool! Love the geometric feel to it.

  3. Lovely photo's!! love the t-shirts, I wouldn't know which one to choose from either!!

    K ❤

  4. ahhhh i can't believe my bracelets are on your blog!! amazing!! thanks so much babes! so glad you like them!!


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