Friday, 29 June 2012



Dress- Newlook
Gloves- Ebay
Jewellery- Vintage
Shoes- Miss Selfridge
Socks- Urban Outfitters
Bag- Vintage

001. Hey everyone I hope you are all enjoying the summer weather... haha its quite relevant to this blog post. Its been so cloudy and rainy and ugh I am just fed up of how it changes so instantly. These photos were inspired by Paloma Faith's music video for 'Picking up the pieces' and Lana Del Rey's New music video for 'National Anthem' if you haven't seen it already its seven minutes long and is just so beautiful. I have decided I want to start my very own vintage glove collection. I believe they are so elegant and look so beautiful with dresses and hats.

002. I have finally reached six hundred followers, which I am so grateful for, and I am having a Giveaway very shortly. It should be up towards the end of the day so keep checking to in for a chance of winning. So apart from that I don't really have anything else to say, I hope the photos and the outfit speak for themselves and I would like to know what you think the story is behind them. I am a bit of a dreamer you know and sometimes its not of romantic things but of dark melancholic thoughts and ideas.

003. I also want to let you all know I do read all your comments and I'm so sorry I don't reply very often, I have to keep up with several social networking sites where I have to respond to so many people per day so it can get a bit repetitive and I don't want to be sat in front of the computer all day. I hope you lovelies understand xx

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012



Rocking Horse Earrings(*)- Megan Jane Jewellery
Yellow Candy Striped Blouse(*)- 9 Crow Street
Pink Petal Edged Short(*)- OASAP
Frilly Socks- DIY
Heels- Newlook
Pastel Jumper- Charity Shop

001. Hey everyone I was so excited to blog about this pastel themed outfit. I was lucky enough to find an awesome pastel knitted jumper in the charity shop for only four pound. I just love it so much. I managed to get some pastel ribbon from my Dad's partner who is a florist, so I attached some to a tree. It was just so windy and gloomy, and the location was a bit unplanned. Thats the thing about fashion blogging you can plan all you want but you just never ever know what the weather is going to be like. Especially living here in Wales, one minute is sunny then its raining. I dream to live in America some day. For now I can keep on dreaming. I got this pastel blue bag and pink pastel shorts from OASAP. I was so excited to get them because they matched perfectly with the yellow candy blouse I got from an Irish Vintage Store called 9 Crow Street. 

002. I have to say it is the best store ever, I even made a fashion collage inspired by the Virgin Suicides, you can see it here. I just love vintage and charity shops more than high street shops, mainly because the clothing has had a life or has a story behind it. I've never been one to love brand new clothes that come from factories and smell like plastic. I've been against consumerism for a while and I know I have bought from shops like that before but I dont know I just always felt guilty after. Recently I have been browsing on 9 Crow Street which is one of the best vintage shops ever, take a look around you might be lucky. I have also my other favourite pieces such as, PINK FLORAL TOP, HOLOGRAM TANK TOP, FLORAL DRESS,  WHITE BOW JUMPER. 

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012



Hat- TKMaxx
Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
White Shirt(*)- She Inside
White Dress Worn as a Skirt(*)- Chicwish
Socks- DIY
Heels- Newlook

Hello fellow blog readers, I am now currently up to date with all my photos and blog posts, which relieves a bit of pressure, but sadly I still have so many more clothes lined up to photograph. Yesterday was so warm so my Dad and I decided to go for a drive with the roof down. I just love driving through country lanes, where the sun is so bright it creates a misty atmosphere which is almost dream like. I decided to wear my wig out which  was a major fail because it was so hot and tight it gave me the worst headache ever. We drove to this reservoir which was about an forty minutes away, I cant believe I haven't thought about taking photos here before. Its the most relaxing place ever, I seem to have some sort of connection with lakes and streams and anything to do with water.

Dad stopped the car on the bridge part where you can directly view the lake for as far as the eye can see. He wanted to have a go at taking photos of me and focussed the background instead, haha so I apologise for the poor photography skills. I would also like to point out there would of been much more photos to post if my camera wouldn't have run out of battery. The photos with the lake in the background are the ones I took with my tripod, I had to flutter my eyelids at the security guard into the boating club to allow me to quickly take photos. I then managed to get an audience of men staring at me and asking me dumb questions. It was highly embarrassing, especially when I had to explain what I do. We then drove to the highest point over looking the lake and had an ice-cream, I sat on the bonnet of our convertible mini, ah it was bliss. I need to return there again and take some more photos, it is just heavenly.

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Playlist:- Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey, You've Got The Love - Florence and the Machine.



Thursday, 21 June 2012



Sunglasses(*)- Megan McMinn
Necklace- Claires
Floral Crop Top- Newlook
Pleated Pink Skirt(*)- IAnyWear
Lace Socks- DIY
Heels- Newlook
Butterfly Purse(*)- Ted Baker

This post is very well over due, and for that I apologise. My lovely mermaid friend Megan was kind enough to send me this really thoughtful gift, I was so over the moon how she seemed to grasp my sense of personality and interests so easily. I adore everything she had put into this little cream box, once I opened it the sweet smell of liquorice and flowers hit my heart and I smiled instantly. She had put a little sample of a fragrance called 'Lolita Lempicka' and it was the most loveliest perfume I have smelt in a long time, it really fits my style so well that I shall be putting it on my birthday wish list.

A few other things she included were a DIY sea shell clip with added pearls and flowers. Then some DIY paper rose sunglasses, I have added a few photos at the bottom of the post of Meg wearing the sunnies, not sure if they are the real ones or another pair she had customised but either way they are gorgeous. I keep thinking to myself why I didn't think to create a pair when I made these shoes. I love the fact that she knows I adore the mermaid fashion style and she can pull it off so well with her red hair and doll like features. I can't wait to take a photo with the mermaid clip I'm thinking something like a vintage hula girl or a 1950s/1960s mermaid. 

She also included a packet of dolly mixture sweets which I guiltly ate as soon as I saw them, it was the morning ok and I was hungry...also my sweet tooth could not resist. She gave me a white scarf with frilly three dimensional flowers on a bit like my jacket here, which I thought would look brilliant either worn as a glamourous head scarf with some sunglasses or as a hood like this outfit by Meadham Kirchhoff. There was also a yellow rose ring that she said originally came from the Sergeant Fox Shop and a vintage thistle brooch. So yes that concludes that Meg is pretty awesome and the most kindest and stylish person ever, so go and follow her on Twitter, check out her Blog here and give her some loving guys. 
Hope you enjoy the photos.