Sunday, 27 May 2012


I was so excited about this interview with Megan McMinn, her hair caught my eye on lookbook and I love her fairytale themed outfits. You know I love anything to do with water because I used to pretend I was a mermaid swimming in my outdoor pool when I was a child. So of course Megan's style was going to captivate me! I love how in every outfit there is a story behind it, pretty much similar to my style. I hope you enjoy the interview and don't forget to head over to her blog and thank her for being such an inspiration! 


How did you first get interested in Fashion?

I've always liked clothes, but I discovered my true love of fashion when I started experimenting with photography aged fifteen. Out of curiosity I bought a copy of Vogue whilst looking for photographic inspiration, and instantly I fell in love - I suppose that was the moment that I really became interested in fashion. 

Whats your passions?
I am primarily a writer. I've written three full length novel manuscripts, so I suppose that would be my true passion. My favourite genre is young adult fantasy. Fashion is a close second, however I also love photography, reading, theatre and baking (I make amazing rose macaroons!). I also enjoy a bit of DIY and crafting on lazy days.

Top 3 places to visit?

I really want to spend a summer in Paris, really immersing myself in the city. I've been there a couple of times already, but my visits are always far too fleeting. Since I'm a real child at heart, I really want to go to Walt Disney World in America! I love Disneyland Paris and have been there a few times, but I want to see how it's done in the states. I'd also love to spend a week or two in Ireland getting in touch with my Irish roots!

Describe your personal style?

Whimsical and chock full of fairytale influence, with a certain old-world charm. I like lots of flowing fabrics, florals, fun headbands  and quirky vintage details. If I think an outfit is lacking in something I just top it off with a boater hat and retro sunglasses and I'm away! At the moment, for summer, I'm channeling a hippie chick meets wood nymph meets mermaid kind of vibe. I love to have fun with my wardrobe and never take it too seriously.

What are you loving atm?

The aquatic trend and the return of floral headbands and flower crowns (thanks to Lana Del Rey!). Also frilly socks - they're such a cute little detail! I need to get down to a haberdashery and buy some lace trim asap.

What are you hating atm?

Hate's a strong word, but I'm a not a big fan of sports luxe. I'm not crazy about neons either, but I think done tastefully (and in small doses) they can look alright.

Favourite places to shop?

Ebay, local flee markets, sale corners (particularly the one at Urban Outfitters). St Ives is my favourite place to shop, there are some gorgeous little boutiques hidden away. Falmouth is a great town for thrifting and vintage - it has some of the best vintage boutiques I have ever encountered and an amazing monthly flea market.

Favourite blog?

The Pineneedle Collective  - I still have an underlying love of photography, and I adore how she styles her outfit posts, they're simply magical. Wunderlust, has some of best DIY I have ever seen. Her posts always inspire me to get crafty!

Favourite Colour?

At the moment, aqua and sea green.

What song are listening to right now?

Sixteen Saltines - Jack White. 

Cant live without?

Red hair dye. Dear God, if my access to hair dye was cut off then all hell would break loose.

 Favourite top look bookers?

Bebe Zeva, Kani Cao and Elle Ribera.


  1. Ooooh her hair is lovely

  2. Fantasy writing and fashion, a killer combination. I've also interviewed Megan and she's a delight, isn't she?
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  3. her hairstyle is extraterrestial and that style is just too fairytalish to be true! lovely blog charlotte, love the design (and it's wonderful that you revamped her design as well!)