Blue Sunglasses(*) - Chicwish
White Floral Jacket(*) - Chicwish
Denim Shorts- Urban Outfitters
Blue Heels- Ebay

001. Hey Guys, today is a quick post because I am watching the Spanish grand prix eating some french toast ,yes that is my tomboy side of me, well my Dad has watched it since he was young and its always on in our house. I never used to appreciate it as a child but now I do find it fascinating. Also Hamilton and Button are so sexy! haha. I am so happy to get my Ferrari F1 jacket soon, my Dad bought it from Ebay for me and ah I can't thank him enough it was a child's XL so I hope it fits now. I have listed a few more clothes on Ebay so check it out here. I'd like to be able to save up some money for Uni so now and then I'm having mini sales. I have started an album on Facebook but I don't think people take it that seriously if they can't just buy the item. now. 

002. Yesterday it was really sunny and warm so I managed to take some photos in this american bikini I was given from one of my sponsors called Mad Lady. They are actually a great jewellery and accessory shop, but their bikinis were selling really fast. I am so grateful that I was given one to model for you guys. I was so worried about modelling posting these photos, I hate swimwear and I especially hate seeing girls posing on Facebook on the beach. Firstly I am so deathly pale and do not have a good body for swimwear let alone bikinis. I don't really favour sun bathing or swimming, but I was brave enough to put myself out there and represent this company. Even though I was on the front page of Chictopia basically all day yesterday it still doesn't make me feel 100% reassured, but everyone has their insecurities, you just have to put them to a side and appreciate your body. I think these type of outfits would look perfect in the photo below, I can just imagine it now.

Charlotte Clothier


  1. you look great in all your photos no matter what flesh you are showing! Beautiful house :)

    Hayley xx

  2. Oooh this post has reminded me, I need to do some ebaying myself!! You look great in that bikini!!


  3. such a lovely bikini! love it:)


  4. There is no doubt that its a beauty of beach.

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