Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
White Shirt(*)- She Inside
White Short(*)- She Inside
Bag- Vintage
Jewellery(*)- Rings and Tings
Shoes- Ebay

001. Hey you beautiful people, I hope you enjoyed reading Megan's Interview, she is a real life mermaid isn't she! So so beautiful. I have been chatting to a few other bloggers for a while now and its so great to talk to people with the same interests as you and about the same age. I've never really felt close to my friends in school perhaps because they didn't understand how much fashion means to me. Well these guys are just so great to talk to, they do really make me laugh out loud in my bedroom, my Dad always thinks I'm insane talking to myself. I do need to meet up with them asap. It would be a great day out! You should check out their blogs, Paige, Ivam, Megan, Arabella These two are from America but I still chat to them on Skype sometimes; Bobby Raffin, Ashlee Louise.

002. I have listed more things on Ebay, that I shall be blogging about shortly. I've decided I want to sell most of my gothic/black/emo clothing because I really hate black now. I am also selling my purple velvet Dr Martens in a size 4 so If your interested watch this space!

003. I have also been featured in a magazine called The Golden Age, which is mainly based on flickr, I entered a photo thinking it will never stand a chance among the rest of the amazing and wonderful photographers but to my surprise it got chosen.

004. I have been swimming in the pool at night, and its been like a really warm bath! Its been so great, just floating on the top watching the stars. You can see a video here, just messing around pretending I'm in a Lana Del Rey music video for Blue Jeans.

005. Such a long post I know but I have a lot to say. These photos that I have included in this post are inspired by Lana's Gangster side. The white shirt is see-through but so light weight and nice to wear in the hot weather, it has a velvet collar however and I found it very hot to wear so I had to unbutton it. The cuffs are also in a velvet material. The white shorts are again, see-through haha, no wonder people were looking at me, but both items are from a store called She Inside. I love wearing white in the summer it really cools me down and just looks so elegant in the sunlight. I took these photos by the side of a smouldering fire, hence why they look like some heavenly paradise. No unfortunately I was in a Car park, nothing special. But I always dream away as if I am the last surviver of a huge gangster riot, just staring at the wreckage.

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Screen Shot 2012-05-24 at 01
Screen Shot 2012-05-27 at 11
Screen Shot 2012-05-27 at 11.40.52

Sunday, 27 May 2012


I was so excited about this interview with Megan McMinn, her hair caught my eye on lookbook and I love her fairytale themed outfits. You know I love anything to do with water because I used to pretend I was a mermaid swimming in my outdoor pool when I was a child. So of course Megan's style was going to captivate me! I love how in every outfit there is a story behind it, pretty much similar to my style. I hope you enjoy the interview and don't forget to head over to her blog and thank her for being such an inspiration! 


How did you first get interested in Fashion?

I've always liked clothes, but I discovered my true love of fashion when I started experimenting with photography aged fifteen. Out of curiosity I bought a copy of Vogue whilst looking for photographic inspiration, and instantly I fell in love - I suppose that was the moment that I really became interested in fashion. 

Whats your passions?
I am primarily a writer. I've written three full length novel manuscripts, so I suppose that would be my true passion. My favourite genre is young adult fantasy. Fashion is a close second, however I also love photography, reading, theatre and baking (I make amazing rose macaroons!). I also enjoy a bit of DIY and crafting on lazy days.

Top 3 places to visit?

I really want to spend a summer in Paris, really immersing myself in the city. I've been there a couple of times already, but my visits are always far too fleeting. Since I'm a real child at heart, I really want to go to Walt Disney World in America! I love Disneyland Paris and have been there a few times, but I want to see how it's done in the states. I'd also love to spend a week or two in Ireland getting in touch with my Irish roots!

Describe your personal style?

Whimsical and chock full of fairytale influence, with a certain old-world charm. I like lots of flowing fabrics, florals, fun headbands  and quirky vintage details. If I think an outfit is lacking in something I just top it off with a boater hat and retro sunglasses and I'm away! At the moment, for summer, I'm channeling a hippie chick meets wood nymph meets mermaid kind of vibe. I love to have fun with my wardrobe and never take it too seriously.

What are you loving atm?

The aquatic trend and the return of floral headbands and flower crowns (thanks to Lana Del Rey!). Also frilly socks - they're such a cute little detail! I need to get down to a haberdashery and buy some lace trim asap.

What are you hating atm?

Hate's a strong word, but I'm a not a big fan of sports luxe. I'm not crazy about neons either, but I think done tastefully (and in small doses) they can look alright.

Favourite places to shop?

Ebay, local flee markets, sale corners (particularly the one at Urban Outfitters). St Ives is my favourite place to shop, there are some gorgeous little boutiques hidden away. Falmouth is a great town for thrifting and vintage - it has some of the best vintage boutiques I have ever encountered and an amazing monthly flea market.

Favourite blog?

The Pineneedle Collective  - I still have an underlying love of photography, and I adore how she styles her outfit posts, they're simply magical. Wunderlust, has some of best DIY I have ever seen. Her posts always inspire me to get crafty!

Favourite Colour?

At the moment, aqua and sea green.

What song are listening to right now?

Sixteen Saltines - Jack White. 

Cant live without?

Red hair dye. Dear God, if my access to hair dye was cut off then all hell would break loose.

 Favourite top look bookers?

Bebe Zeva, Kani Cao and Elle Ribera.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
White Peter Pan Collar (*) - Little Me
Apricot Dress(*)- Bqueen Shoes
Gold Rabbit Necklace (*)- Club Couture
Peach Earrings( *)- Rings and Tings
Cream Frilly Lace Socks- DIY
Nude T-bar Heels- Newlook
Watermelon Bag (*)- Oasap

001. Hey everyone, I hope your all enjoying the sunshine. I've been chilling by the pool, and having lots of BBQ's its been great. Today is quite miserable though so I hope its better tomorrow I've got a Jubilee tea party to organise! I hope you like this outfit guys I really felt like a 60's film star. The dress is so beautiful and its from a company called Bqueen Shoes, they specialise in prom, wedding and evening dresses. I didn't want anything quite so glamourous so I found this dress thats great for days out and evening events.  You can check out my collage I did of their dresses here, its from ages ago but I love their art deco vibes. I think the detachable Peter Pan Collar from Little Me adds the feminine 50's look to the outfit, they are definitely a must have item!

002.  I have also received this  Sweet Petal Watermelon coloured bag from Oasap which is to die for! It fits in nicely with the pastel trend and my favourite part is the little cream frill edges. It has so much room inside and so perfect for an everyday bag, it also feels very strong and durable. 
I think the earrings from Rings and Tings are also such a great touch to this outfit.

003. I have also done so much editing I really need to buy photoshop, fed up of using pixlr. 

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Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 21.50.43
film star

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Two in 1 top(*)- Ianywear
Skirt(*)- Ianywear
Sunglasses(*)- Chicwish
Socks- DIY
Sandals- Ebay

001. Hey, I have some pretty big things planned soon, so sorry if I'm not blogging as much as I have been. I am living on twitter at the moment, its highly addictive and I woke up this morning and Lana Del Rey had followed me. I was so shocked I didn't expect her to even notice me. I didn't ask for a follow so I felt better knowing she spotted me among the other fans. Aw I am so happy you would not believe.

002. I have also been scouring tumblr and google for inspirational photos and images. I've been also looking for old family holidays, fair ground and lifestyle films on Youtube. They are so beautiful I have listed my favourite one. Its a silent film but you can see how everyone was just so appreciative of their families and came together as a community to support one another.

003. I have always been interested in the glamorous femme fatal style ever since I watched this film called 'Make it happen' in 2009. I don't know what is is but something just captures me into the era. Other examples of similar films are, Chicago, Burlesque and Lolita. They are the ones I can think of that portray provocative and powerful women.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hat- Charity shop
Collar(*)- Little Me
Dress- TK Maxx
Socks- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- New look
Bag- Charity Shop
Sunglasses(*)- Romwe

001. Hey Guys, I haven't blogged for about three days now! Deary me! I guess I am just enjoying the sunshine and just chilling out on the lawn with my dogs. Sometimes its nice to have days to relax and not worry about the pressures I have. Anyway I have got so many packages this morning and yesterday I am planning all my outfits right now and then hopefully I can shoot them the following days if the weather is nice of course. I've got my first Jessica McClintock prairie dress that I am just taking in because its a bit too long on me. I've been tweeting a lot this week so you guys should following me. I've followed too many Lana Del Rey fans its just unhealthy now.

002. I have also entered the above photo into a competition, so please click here and like my photo, it would mean so much, I have entered that competition loads of times now but I never have a chance of winning!

003. I have also appeared on the front of Chictopia again! and yesterday I was a rising star on the front page! woo I do feel so lucky!

Headscarf- My grandmother
Sunglasses(*)- Chicwish
Dress(*)- Chicwish
Socks- Urban outfitters

Sunglasses(*)- Chicwish
Polka dot top- My grandmother
Shorts- Urban Outfitters
Socks-Urban Outfitters
Sandals- Ebay

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Blue Sunglasses(*) - Chicwish
White Floral Jacket(*) - Chicwish
Denim Shorts- Urban Outfitters
Blue Heels- Ebay

001. Hey Guys, today is a quick post because I am watching the Spanish grand prix eating some french toast ,yes that is my tomboy side of me, well my Dad has watched it since he was young and its always on in our house. I never used to appreciate it as a child but now I do find it fascinating. Also Hamilton and Button are so sexy! haha. I am so happy to get my Ferrari F1 jacket soon, my Dad bought it from Ebay for me and ah I can't thank him enough it was a child's XL so I hope it fits now. I have listed a few more clothes on Ebay so check it out here. I'd like to be able to save up some money for Uni so now and then I'm having mini sales. I have started an album on Facebook but I don't think people take it that seriously if they can't just buy the item. now. 

002. Yesterday it was really sunny and warm so I managed to take some photos in this american bikini I was given from one of my sponsors called Mad Lady. They are actually a great jewellery and accessory shop, but their bikinis were selling really fast. I am so grateful that I was given one to model for you guys. I was so worried about modelling posting these photos, I hate swimwear and I especially hate seeing girls posing on Facebook on the beach. Firstly I am so deathly pale and do not have a good body for swimwear let alone bikinis. I don't really favour sun bathing or swimming, but I was brave enough to put myself out there and represent this company. Even though I was on the front page of Chictopia basically all day yesterday it still doesn't make me feel 100% reassured, but everyone has their insecurities, you just have to put them to a side and appreciate your body. I think these type of outfits would look perfect in the photo below, I can just imagine it now.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Cream Lace Waistcoat Cardy(*)- Romwe
Wonderland Tshirt(*)- The Orphan Arms
Cream Skirt- Ebay
Frilly Socks- DIY
Heels- Newlook
White Peter Pan Collar(*)- Little Me
Jewellery- DIY or Dye

Hey lovelies, I have yet again trespassed into that ladies garden, I don't know if its hers or not, because its so open, and it just looks like the village hall garden, or maybe they share? I'm sure if she was super evil and protective over her garden she would put up barbed wire. I do worry though in case she is there but her car is in the garage being fixed or something... that would scare me so much. I really need to stop going there!!

Anyway I got this awesome tee in the post yesterday from a company called 'The Orphan Arms'. I came across their store when I was searching for wonderland tees, I found this perfect one! The print is so gorgeous and the funniest thing about it that caught my eye was the tag on the inside, it said to 'wash in virgin tears'. Haha. They included a poster with their clothing on the back, similar to what Jack Wills do. I love all of their tees, they are so quirky with a romantic vintage edge. I think they would pretty much fit anyone, their sizes vary from XS to XL. They are all sold at reasonable prices as well, and the tee is made from 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester to its more durable through washes, and such a nice lightweight material, perfect for the summer.