Hey everyone and my new followers! I hope you have all stuck by the crazy amount of changes thats been happening to my blog! Im really trying to find one I can stick with for a long time!! I love the font and the whole read more part, I don't know if any of you will actually press the read more button, but if you do then I thank you. I haven't been up to much to be honest. Easter was a bit rubbish, I didn't get an egg. My dad thinks I'm too old for one now. I did receive some cream eggs and green egg candles but apart from that. I can remember when I was younger I could build a fort around me with the amount of eggs people bought me.  I have dyed my hair a bright orangey colour, its so hard being red!! I have to dye it so often and they are so expensive!! I receive a lovely yellow dress from Beginning Boutique that would be perfect for an easter look, but the weather has been so temperamental, it was hailing today, then sunny and now raining. I bought a darker shade of lipstick yesterday called 'Tantrum' by Rimmel. I think it is much more vintage and doesn't look so tarty.  I received a huge parcel today from Chicwish with white heart shape sunglasses, seashell necklace, floral ankle socks and a pink princess dress. I feel so spoilt! They are the best company I've worked with! Now I am waiting for the warm weather and sun to take more fairytale photos.

(sorry for the bad editing, we are getting our house painted soon)



Charlotte Clothier


  1. Your hair looks a similar colour to how I've dyed mine! Which dye do you use? Have you cut it as well? Looks lovely! xo

  2. Oh man that pink dress and pretty lace shawl are sooo adorable! I really want to wear one of those shawls but I can't help but think it would be too overdressed for day to day stuff!

  3. You look beautiful, like a real life little mermaid! :) The shoes and dress are simply stunning.
    Emma x

  4. I love the new design of your blog! It's so you!!!!! It's crazy how the ladies in your Header look like you!!!

  5. The necklace is lovely and i love your new layout, the header is beautiful! My favourite paintings!