Monday, 23 April 2012



1. 3D White Rose Jumper/ 2. White Chiffon Shirt/ 3. Black Collared Lace Crop Shirt/ 4. Rock Guitar T-shirt/ 5. Lace Dress With Black Collar/ 6. USA Denim Shorts

Hey Guys, I'm so sorry about the lack of outfit posts. I have so many lined up but just waiting for the sun. I  think it plays an important role in taking good photos, it makes everything so much brighter and clearer. But it has been raining for so long here now, I mean I could take indoor photos but there just not
the same.I like venturing out into the fields to find little magical places. So instead I have been redesigning my blog as you can see, It took me about two days! But its so worth it and I am not going to change it. Even though my style varies from vintage to goth chic, I still love the whole shabby chic look. My bedroom is just covered in it with my Cath Kidston walls and my artificial flowers. Also I thought that because my bedroom window is so close to the trees where little birds perch, I wanted to include a blue bird in the header, I watch them all the time and recently I've been putting bits of croissant on my window sill for them to eat.

I have made a Lana Del Rey inspired Fashion Collage with pieces from Chicwish.
She has such a cute style and when she's not on stage she wears a lot of tomboy clothes from baseball jackets, formula 1 coats, blue jeans and converse. I know she loves that rock and roll genre of music and I guess that still influences her when she's not in her glamorous gangster stage role. I have many more of these collages that I'm going to share with you from other online stores. I have really closely studied her style and she does wear a lot of white! 


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  2. 3. is beautiful, I want some shirt like this, too :)