Hat- Charity shop
Dress(*)- AX Paris
White peter pan dress(*)- Chicwish
Necklace(*)- Iridescent
Socks- Ebay
Heels- Principles from a charity shop

I wander endlessly through the green fields in the warm spring sun, trying to find some sort of quaint scene for some photos. I walked down some stairs that were made from tree roots, it amazes me how nature can help a fellow creature. I arrived at little hedge row that was full with white cotton blossom trees, they were small enough for the fairies to dance in. The bees were here before me so they were playing and teasing the flowers. I let out an enormous smile that reached from ear to ear. I whispered to myself 'this is bliss'. I wish I could of led there all day in the sun, it could be my secret garden. I know that blossom doesn't last long which is a terrible shame as its such a delicate flower. I haven't seen any pink cherry blossom yet, there is only this precious white colour sprouting in hedgerows. I almost felt like climbing up the trees and just lying on top of them, like the character, John Keats from the film Bright Star. But unfortunately the trees were to spiky and I didn't want to rip my new floaty polka dot dress.

After taking my photos I really wanted to go to this old manor house that is by where I live and ask them nicely if I could take photos of their ground, I walked down this long drive that seemed endless. I nervously knocked on this red wooden door and this middle aged man, probably about thirty five, answered. I was so nervous that it probably was why I got rejected immediately, my words were all over the place. I'm not sure if he's a relative to the Lord that lived in the house who has now passed away. But I couldn't help thing he was so rude! He explained that they were having problems with the press at the moment, I for one know thats an excuse because if they did I'm sure the place would be locked up and secured as much as they could. But no the gates are just wide open for any car to drive down. He then stated 'you know that your trespassing right' he must of thought I was the age of eleven. Of course my intentions were to take photos but I made up an excuse that I didn't know that the house was here. I didn't even have any time to explain before the slammed the door in my face. I really wish they would open it up into either a museum or a tea room. Its such a beautiful place and I'm sure the Lord would really want that. He used to do have many tea parties when he was alive and I wish that I could of been invited. The building had old and grey stone walls that looked almost like the ones on a castle.  The door was a brown wooden colour and was central to the drive. In front of the house was a lovely shallow pond with lilies flowering above there was a wooden fairytale bridge towering over a stream that it would run off into the fields. The hedges were egg shaped and perfectly cut. Oh it was such a beautiful place I'm glad I went down there to even get an image of it so I can imagine myself living there. From the lane the house is completely hidden by forestry so know one would know its there. But I have known since I moved here that there was a gorgeous house there, it reminded me of the one from alice and wonderland. It was such a shame that he wouldn't let me take one or two photos in front of it. I feel disappointed.

1. AX Paris Polka dot dress / 2.Tan Woven Belt / 3.Tan Brogue style kitten heels / 4. Floral Tapestry Bag / 5.White Opaque Tights / 6.White Straw Summer Hat







Charlotte Clothier


  1. It's such a shame he wouldn't let you take any photos. As if it would have inconvenienced him in any way! I'm so frightened of rejection, I would never have had the courage to go and ask.
    I'm always daydreaming that I'll make a friend or find some long lost relative who has a big beautiful house they'll let me take photos outside of.
    When my dad got married last year we stayed in the most beautiful converted barn I've ever seen. It was surrounded by miles of nature reserve too. It makes my heart ache to know that I wasn't interested in blogging them, and I took no photos!
    The photos you've taken are beautiful though!
    Your hat is so adorable!

    Ciara x

  2. You look absolutely darling! I thought you weren't going to post so often!? Either way, I am glad you are still posting regularly, I enjoy reading your blog, and looking at those awesome pictures you always take..

  3. gorgeous photographs! the area is gorgeous :)

    Hayley xx

  4. These trees are gorgeous!!!!And so are u!:)

  5. These photographs are killer. O:

  6. wow... just amazing. I love the one of the hat so much! Mind if I share these on my blog? Want to write me a little guest post ? ;D

    love, polly

  7. I bought a pocket watch of the same kind, I just love them. This accessory goes well with your lovely outfit.