Friday, 27 April 2012


Dress(*) - SIN clothing
Rabbit Necklace(*) - Club Couture
DIY head crown
Cape- Charity shop
Shoes- Newlook

 Hey guys and dolls, I am so happy to share these photos with you. I snuck into someone's garden in my village, well I knocked the door first to see if I could ask. But no one was in, the sun seemed to pop out and say hello for about an hour so I had enough time to take some photos. Then the wind picked up and it poured down, surprise surprise. Well anyway there garden is so cute, and their house used to be the school for our village ages and ages ago so its like a cottage now but its got a school gate and a cute garden that I could imagine victorian children singing ringing a ringing roses. There was a lovely cherry blossom tree in full bloom on the front lawn and underneath was a rusty old bench. There was a cute vegetable patch to the right and then lavender blue bells bordered the path way leading to the back. There were little wild rabbits happily running free, they didn't seem to be scared by my presence. Then I found this wooden bench that was covered in ivy with purple flowers. I would love to have a house like this when I'm older, its a perfect family home. I don't think the people are in very often though, I think they work in a pub and go to London for their work. Oh imagine if I got caught I would die from embarrassment, not everyone understands what I am doing, and the way I was dressed people could of suggested that I had escaped from a looney farm.

Also lookbook is playing up and its been so buggy, 
so I've resorted to paying more attention to chictopia, 
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003. Also let me know which photo style you prefer, some are more dreamy and others highly contrasted.


Monday, 23 April 2012



1. 3D White Rose Jumper/ 2. White Chiffon Shirt/ 3. Black Collared Lace Crop Shirt/ 4. Rock Guitar T-shirt/ 5. Lace Dress With Black Collar/ 6. USA Denim Shorts

Hey Guys, I'm so sorry about the lack of outfit posts. I have so many lined up but just waiting for the sun. I  think it plays an important role in taking good photos, it makes everything so much brighter and clearer. But it has been raining for so long here now, I mean I could take indoor photos but there just not
the same.I like venturing out into the fields to find little magical places. So instead I have been redesigning my blog as you can see, It took me about two days! But its so worth it and I am not going to change it. Even though my style varies from vintage to goth chic, I still love the whole shabby chic look. My bedroom is just covered in it with my Cath Kidston walls and my artificial flowers. Also I thought that because my bedroom window is so close to the trees where little birds perch, I wanted to include a blue bird in the header, I watch them all the time and recently I've been putting bits of croissant on my window sill for them to eat.

I have made a Lana Del Rey inspired Fashion Collage with pieces from Chicwish.
She has such a cute style and when she's not on stage she wears a lot of tomboy clothes from baseball jackets, formula 1 coats, blue jeans and converse. I know she loves that rock and roll genre of music and I guess that still influences her when she's not in her glamorous gangster stage role. I have many more of these collages that I'm going to share with you from other online stores. I have really closely studied her style and she does wear a lot of white! 

Friday, 20 April 2012


DIY crown
DIY shoes
Dress (*)- Chicwish
Rabbit necklace(*)- Club Couture
Earrings(*) Rings and Tings

Hey everyone! I am so looking forward to May! the weather in April is so rubbish. Today we had a huge hail storm and I ran and got my camera to capture it! It was so heavy it set the alarm off on the car. Sorry for exclamations marks but I was so excited! Anyway I have so much going on in the blogging world at the moment I still need some form of plan! I feel like my head is just floating and bobbing around in deep water and all I seem to be doing is looking at the pretty fish and day dreaming. Instead of actually trying to get out of it and get my feet back on the ground. Does anyone else feel like their aren't enough hours in the day. I have made hundreds of lists of outfit posts and ideas e.t.c but never seem to get it all ticked off. I have been dip dying some skirts this evening ready to put on my new store, diy or dye.  But I am going to add a little sea shell shape on the back from some scale print material, which will look awesome. I have also been informed by this tumblr style called sea punk I have never ever heard of it before, and I guess I couldn't of because I hardly go on tumblr. But it really fits in nicely with my whole mermaid outfits that I have made previously. So prepare yourselves for a month of Mermaid and Sea Punk-tactical outfits. It is such a lovely theme to work with, full of greens, blues, reds and pinks.  I'm just waiting on Mr. Postman to deliver some parcels then it should all be ready to start!

My look is inspired by these wonderful photos shot by Daniel Sannwald



Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Crochet Collar- Chicwish

Hey Guys, this is going to be a bit of an update post, because I have some really awesome give aways planned involving this playsuit and these shorts!!! I'm so excited. I have been rearranging my room and having a spring clean so I'm still occasionally listing items on Ebay, you can have a little peak here. Its been awfully rainy so I have resorted to taking some indoor looks. I took a photo on my Dad's Range Rover sport before it poured down, also before my brother nearly caught me and I know he would go and tell Dad. Well he found out anyway because he checks out my Look book. Anyway he didn't even mind, he was glad I was showing off his car! When the weather is a bit sunnier I've got planned to do a little shoot with this cute blossom tree. I've collected up all of my pastel clothing and I'm going to hang them off the branches, with cute knitted coat hangers! I think its going to be pastel heaven! 

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Just like the photo <3

As you can see I am still in my Lana Del Rey obsession, and I think there is going to be a change in direction now, I think I can now adapt her style to mine. If you don't know already I wear a dark brown wig in my photos because my hair is currently auburn, and I was going to dye it when the red is washed out a bit more. But Lana has dyed her hair a lovely chocolate brown. You can see it here. I don't know what to make of it I mean she looks beautiful what ever colour she has but its so weird because I've been imitating her with my dark brown hair, wouldn't it be weird if she saw my photos! Anyway I have done the most silliest thing and sent her some fan mail! I know I know she's not going to respond but hey I have nothing to loose. 

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Hey everyone, I am so happy to share with you these lovely photos I took in my village church today. It was so cold and pretty scary by myself. The alter and the windows are so amazing, I used to go there when I was younger but now its kind of taken over by old people, and they don't seem to accept any youngsters into their clique.  Also I felt kind of rude for intruding the space when I'm a non believer. Well I believe in something but I think you can't call it a name. I could go into a huge deep conversation about all of this but there isn't any point because it annoys me. I watched a program this morning and they said that perhaps God was a women haha. It was so cringey to see them all arguing and debating thinking they are more inferior than the other.  I have done so many outfit drawings inspired by Lana's gangster look. I am looking forward to working with this style. My family are all pretty much gangsters haha, well we're not black but they love their Hip Hop music and big black cars, so I guess I have been influenced by them but I just love the way Lana has mixed up this trend. There are a few things I've picked up on, she wears a lot of white, she always wears a gold cross necklace and hoop earrings. Like I said before I go through phases and I bet you next week I would of dyed my hair blonde or something, haha I'm not going to don't worry. I've got a lot more ideas wrapped up sleeve for you guys. I hope you love them as much as I love dressing up.
Also my 'Lana II' look got up to 5th place on the Look Book yesterday, I was sooo close to reaching no.1 I am happy though it was so exciting it definitely repays back all the effort that I put into the looks.
You can find the yellow dress from here


Friday, 13 April 2012


Sunglasses- Chicwish
Necklace- Rings and Tings
Skirt- Chicwish

Hey Everyone so I'm writing a new blog post and adding some more images of todays shoot. I was inspired by Lana Del Rey and I have been for a while ever since Jacob told me about her music. I love her gangster femme fatale look, and her fashion sense seems like a blend between, Jessica Rabbit and Nancy Sinatra. I love the fact her music videos and lyrics inspire my outfits. I have always wanted to do a proper photo series dedicated to her and today was the perfect opportunity. The pool was open and the weather was lovely until this afternoon then it poured down. 


Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Hey everyone and my new followers! I hope you have all stuck by the crazy amount of changes thats been happening to my blog! Im really trying to find one I can stick with for a long time!! I love the font and the whole read more part, I don't know if any of you will actually press the read more button, but if you do then I thank you. I haven't been up to much to be honest. Easter was a bit rubbish, I didn't get an egg. My dad thinks I'm too old for one now. I did receive some cream eggs and green egg candles but apart from that. I can remember when I was younger I could build a fort around me with the amount of eggs people bought me.  I have dyed my hair a bright orangey colour, its so hard being red!! I have to dye it so often and they are so expensive!! I receive a lovely yellow dress from Beginning Boutique that would be perfect for an easter look, but the weather has been so temperamental, it was hailing today, then sunny and now raining. I bought a darker shade of lipstick yesterday called 'Tantrum' by Rimmel. I think it is much more vintage and doesn't look so tarty.  I received a huge parcel today from Chicwish with white heart shape sunglasses, seashell necklace, floral ankle socks and a pink princess dress. I feel so spoilt! They are the best company I've worked with! Now I am waiting for the warm weather and sun to take more fairytale photos.

(sorry for the bad editing, we are getting our house painted soon)



Sunday, 8 April 2012


Dress from here
Wedges from here

Happy Easter everyone, I don't have very much to say in this post except I haven't had any chocolate or gifts yet, I am so sad about and I think I will have to buy my own.
Apart from that I have opened up a new store called DIY or Dye which I think is pretty witty haha, I will be listing some clothes on there for the moment then gradually once I get a large sum of money I will make some little DIY and custom dip dye skirts, but for now I have no money to do all of those things.
So yes go and buy my stuff guys!! It will sell fast, They are on Ebay as well if you want to bid for them. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


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The 'English Rose' Dress(*) - I Wear Sin

I am so happy to introduce to you this lovely company called 'I Wear Sin'. I am working with them as a fashion blogger at the moment and we now we have collaborated and made some beautiful photos together . I was a bit worried with how to style this dress because the shape is so bold. I thought instead of a street style type photos I would go for more whimsical photos. The dress is very light weight and floaty, I love spinning around in it. I was allowed to customise it and add little cream roses, the company then added the roses and sent it to me as my design. I am so happy, you can customise your own dresses here.
The company are based in Malaysia and took about a week to be delivered, which isn't too bad. 
I hope you like the photos as much as I loved taking them.


Monday, 2 April 2012


Hat- Charity shop
Dress(*)- AX Paris
White peter pan dress(*)- Chicwish
Necklace(*)- Iridescent
Socks- Ebay
Heels- Principles from a charity shop

I wander endlessly through the green fields in the warm spring sun, trying to find some sort of quaint scene for some photos. I walked down some stairs that were made from tree roots, it amazes me how nature can help a fellow creature. I arrived at little hedge row that was full with white cotton blossom trees, they were small enough for the fairies to dance in. The bees were here before me so they were playing and teasing the flowers. I let out an enormous smile that reached from ear to ear. I whispered to myself 'this is bliss'. I wish I could of led there all day in the sun, it could be my secret garden. I know that blossom doesn't last long which is a terrible shame as its such a delicate flower. I haven't seen any pink cherry blossom yet, there is only this precious white colour sprouting in hedgerows. I almost felt like climbing up the trees and just lying on top of them, like the character, John Keats from the film Bright Star. But unfortunately the trees were to spiky and I didn't want to rip my new floaty polka dot dress.

After taking my photos I really wanted to go to this old manor house that is by where I live and ask them nicely if I could take photos of their ground, I walked down this long drive that seemed endless. I nervously knocked on this red wooden door and this middle aged man, probably about thirty five, answered. I was so nervous that it probably was why I got rejected immediately, my words were all over the place. I'm not sure if he's a relative to the Lord that lived in the house who has now passed away. But I couldn't help thing he was so rude! He explained that they were having problems with the press at the moment, I for one know thats an excuse because if they did I'm sure the place would be locked up and secured as much as they could. But no the gates are just wide open for any car to drive down. He then stated 'you know that your trespassing right' he must of thought I was the age of eleven. Of course my intentions were to take photos but I made up an excuse that I didn't know that the house was here. I didn't even have any time to explain before the slammed the door in my face. I really wish they would open it up into either a museum or a tea room. Its such a beautiful place and I'm sure the Lord would really want that. He used to do have many tea parties when he was alive and I wish that I could of been invited. The building had old and grey stone walls that looked almost like the ones on a castle.  The door was a brown wooden colour and was central to the drive. In front of the house was a lovely shallow pond with lilies flowering above there was a wooden fairytale bridge towering over a stream that it would run off into the fields. The hedges were egg shaped and perfectly cut. Oh it was such a beautiful place I'm glad I went down there to even get an image of it so I can imagine myself living there. From the lane the house is completely hidden by forestry so know one would know its there. But I have known since I moved here that there was a gorgeous house there, it reminded me of the one from alice and wonderland. It was such a shame that he wouldn't let me take one or two photos in front of it. I feel disappointed.

1. AX Paris Polka dot dress / 2.Tan Woven Belt / 3.Tan Brogue style kitten heels / 4. Floral Tapestry Bag / 5.White Opaque Tights / 6.White Straw Summer Hat