Flower head band- DIY
DIY jewel corset originally from La senza
DIY dip dye night gown from my grandmother
Sea shell bag- Atmosphere from a charity shop
Necklace- Topshop

Hey everyone, I have decided I can't stay away from you all! Thank you for all your support and comments I appreciate them all. If I had time to reply to you all I would be a prisoner to my own bedroom. I am going to do a special video dedicated to you lovely people with lots of shout outs, so if you would like me to mention your blog just leave a link below. I've discovered that blogging is a big part of my life and now its starting to flourish like a pink blossom tree, its growing further up and up towards the stars. Hopefully I will be able to reach them one day whilst towering over the world and see life from high up in the clouds. But for now I am a dreamer wandering hopelessly. Today I ventured to the stream with my camera. I have been feeling magical with this lovely weather we have been having. I've been strolling around a little town with my family yesterday and took pictures of swans on the lake. I bought a lovely sea shell shaped bag and knew exactly what look would go with it. I have a huge love of water in any form, being the sea, rivers, streams huge lakes. I feel I belong near them. Maybe I was a mermaid or a water fairy in my past life. I can't swim like a fish but I love to float on the surface. I love to watch the sun light shimmering and dancing with the water. I have decided to stop wearing my extensions and let my hair grow naturally, they don't match my real hair anyway so look silly!

I have been featured in Grazia It Magazine in the print section, I have also been featured in ALEXIS magazine in the global trends page. Its turning into an online magazine now so I should be having the magazines sent to me before the change.  







Charlotte Clothier


  1. stunning photos! i love how creative you are and how much eye candy you are to look at!

    Hayley xx

  2. Once again, you have the most creative photos! They are truly a pleasure to see and I'm glad you decided to come back!

  3. OMG! This photoshoot is my favorite ever!!!!!

  4. Congratulations for being feautured in Grazia!!
    You really deserve it, you are such an inspiration for everyone and this mermaid themed photoshoot is the most beautiful I've ever seen...maybe you are hiding a real tail under your amazing skirt!!!

  5. Your photo's are always so inspiring, I love this shoot! And your hair looks lovely without extentions too :)
    Congratulations for being featured in Grazia!

    Kirsti xx

  6. Just commented on this on lookbook, but now I can see the rest of the photos I just have to comment again, and once more express my DESIRE for the skirt! I wish I had somewhere like this near me to go for a stroll today!

  7. Lovely photos!
    Visit us

  8. Love your blog Charlotte! Your photos are always beautiful :)

  9. I love that you're wearing wellies! And that bag is gorgeous! xxx

  10. you are so god damn lovely.

    i love your purse especially :)

    love, polly

  11. You have unique style and photos are really amazing.

  12. yay you're back! and these are awesome photos :)

  13. i'm so happy you decided to continue! you take amazing pictures and you have such cool clothes! keep blogging :)