Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Hat- Vintage
Cross Necklace-
Stop watch necklace(*)- Iridescent
Dress(*)- Chicwish
Tights- Newlook

I don't have very much to say in this blog post. Apart from the fact that I did a little photo shoot with my one year old king charles spaniel today, Bert, and he was like a real doggy model. I'm so proud of him.
Other than that my head is in between the clouds at the moment. I seem to have lost all my words.

 Its the first day of spring today and I have been sat on the lawn most of this after noon just gazing up at the sun sparkling through the trees. There is something on my mind. I can't reveal it to you, but if you have read my blog from the very beginning  you know what I'm like. Yep I am a terrible hopeless romantic, and I find myself endless thinking about love, lust and fantasies. I get butterflies in my tummy and a surge of adrenaline shoots up through my body. I get as excitable as a bouncy lamb. I love the fact that know one else can think what your thinking sometimes and the whole secrecy of your thoughts, I feel like a lustful murderer. Maybe the films I'm watching recently are just having a big influence on me at the moment, who knows.  I feel like I'm in a different era somedays, like the last couple of days I have been awaiting emails and its like I am in the 1920's when the form of communication was letters. You never know when your going to receive them and what may be his response. I think love letters should definitely still be written. They are far more precious than an email or a text. Oh how I hate modern technology. 
So this look is mainly inspired by my love for alice and wonderland and the fact that I seem to be in another world compared to everyone around me. 



  1. I admire your photography a lot. It is absolutely amazing and whimsical and I look forward to seeing you post something new everyday!


  2. Lovely photo, and LOL! I love the face your dog makes in the third photo. Adorable dog, by the way!!!

    supernovachick.com - small GIVEAWAY on blog <3

  3. Lovely photo's as always but Oh my gosh going to die with the cuteness of your dog. I love King Charles they're just beautiful and so nicely mannered, my boyfriends family have 3!

  4. your dog is cute but your outfit is even cuter! :)

  5. Aww i love it! And your dog is soo cute! Thank you so much for following me doll! :) xx

  6. very adorable :) wow this is like a redhead Alice :3

  7. I used to watch only two blogs regularly. The fail blog and Cosette Munch's blog. I'm proud to announce that you also have a prestigious spot on my favorite bar :D Thank you for the beautiful photos they are so inspirational.

  8. He looks beautiful! :D im loving these photos and your look! i agree with the letter thing, recently my grandma and me have started to write letters again i love writing them! ANd instead of picking up the phone to reply i just want to start writing straight away to her. Its so exciting waiting to recieve one and to read whats happened a week ago.

    Hayley xx

  9. I've been following your blog for a number of weeks now, and I really love it. I love the way you take all your pictures, and I love your style.. I wish I was as creative as you.. I am truely envious of all your awesomeness...

    once again this is an amazing bunch of photos.. and very dream like and whimsical!



  10. Such beautiful photos!

    ps. the orange sailor style dress you're selling is loverly, is it still available?!


  11. nice choice of flowers :) my absolute favorite. I'm obsessed. :D

    love, polly