Straw Hat- Charity shop
Lace top(*)- Romwe
Floral skirt(*)- Club Couture
White socks(*)- Agent Provocateur
T-bar heels- New look 
Rabbit necklace(*)- Club Couture

This look is inspired by the lovely film 'The Picnic at Hanging Rock' I have watched this film so many times, and I adore the music, the setting and the clothes so much. I had to do a look inspired by it after I saw Jessica's interpretation of the style on lookbook  I have an interview for fashion design tomorrow at 12.20pm so this is going to be a quick post. I have decided to work on my desk again instead of the floor, mainly because its getting grubby and secondly I feel more professional and organised at a desk. I have noticed my room is the darkest place in the whole house and I need more lighting like this bunny light, and this doll house or mushroom light.  I have energy saving bulbs and they are rubbish and dim. I need more candles because I have run out. I have a new header and background, I think my layout will probably change all the time because why should I stick to the same simple design it just gets boring! Also I love that love heart font because I adore the sweets, they aren't that nice but now and then I crave them because they remind me of my childhood. I also still need to make a crown out of them.  So right now I am organising my desk area, its next to a sink in my room so I guess there is more space for my watercolours and jewellery boxes. 

Charlotte Clothier


  1. I absoutley love how both you and Jessica have styled your looks! I've always wanted to watch that film but just never got round to it, is it good?

    Kirsti xx

  2. love the look! I love her blog also, its so beautiful! I love her clothes and style so delicate looking!

    Hayley xx