Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
Parasol- Charity shop
Orange dress(*)- Romwe
DIY frilly socks-
Shoes- River Island

Oh yes I am still very influenced by Lolita, I think I am starting to love her style and charm more than the actually situation she is in. I think I am starting to realise that Lolita fantasy is definitely only a just a fantasy and a dream. I don't think its something I could fulfil. I like the idea of it and the secrecy but it is pretty messed up!  I  think I'm similar to her as I am very childish and naive, and do get myself into situation where I don't realise the consequences or even if I am respecting myself. Other than dreaming that I was fourteen again, some exciting things have been happening,  new doors are opening and I'm feeling more confident about my future career. Its too early to say anything for definite yet. But I am so excited! 
I have also included some favourite Lolita inspired looks from Look book! take a look towards the bottom of the post! 

Charlotte Clothier


  1. One of my favourite films! Love your look, especially the sunnies xxx

  2. Ohh, your dog is such a cutie! <3 and I love love love your sunglasses!

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  3. amazing outfits ♥
    amd lovee the hair

  4. oh man! I really wish I could do milk maid plaits in my hair... just wish it was long enough!

    Your dog is cuteeeee

  5. Oh wow! adorable pictures!!!! Love so much!!!!

    welcome to my blog:

  6. I'm now following you! I love your blog!

  7. A daisy fresh girl!!! hahahahahaha that made me laugh out loud!

    I adore your photos above.... beautiful magical girl xxxx

    love, polly :D