I am going to do a quick post for today because I am stricken with a horrible cold. I want to get better for my florence and the machine concert on monday so I am trying to rest the best that I can. It is difficult though when your work is demands photos to be taken and to prepare outfits, especially when your nose is running like a tap and you are making little fairy sneezes everywhere. I ache from head to toe I hope its not the flu or something.  I have dyed my hair red, because I had red hair in 2008 and almost every girl in my year had that colour and I felt a bit like a sheep. I didn't want it to be the same as the ladies on look book so I tried to make it a bit different by dying my extensions a wine colour and then the top of my hair a ginger colour, I guess you could say its kinda like the ombre hair.  I should be asleep now and resting but I thought I shan't neglect more poor followers just because I am ill. No I shall keep up with the blogging! There were a few problems with my camera and the focusing recently, so I changed it to RAW format and that seems to have done the trick. The power charger for my mac has broken as well so my dad bought a new one today. I also had to pay off my ebay fee debts of £25 so I can start listing some clothes, prepare yourselves for a mass sale coming your way! Im having a huge clear out.  I recently watched the film 'Hana' and I love the song 'the devil is in the details' by the chemical brothers.
Here is my old photo taken in 2008, I had shorter red hair then, the dress was below knee length and it was spring.

Charlotte Clothier


  1. I love your floral dress <3 Can't wait to see your ombre hair too. And take care!

  2. i love this look so much! i always look forward to your posts, i love your style and your photographs!

    Hayley xx