Hey every one, I can't believe it after 3 years I have actually seen Florence and the Machine perform live! It was incredible. I went with my sister in law and we got there about half eight. I think florence came on stage at 9 and finished at 10pm. We were running late due to traffic and other problems such as me being ill with a cold and really not up for it as well as the overpowering excitement mixed with uncontrollable anxiety attacks. I haven't been to a live gig since 2008 I think so it was a huge thing for me to go to a place crowded with people, definitely hell for someone who suffers from claustrophobia and social anxiety. But I managed to run out the car and go and see her perform. I wore my lace dress from Chicwish,  layered on top of my rococo lace top from Romwe.

I took in my camera and the body guards said it looked too 'professional' so they took it off me. No way was I going to sit all the way through the best day of my life and not capture the moment. So we ran upstairs to the cloakroom and stole my camera back, I hid it under my dress and it was tucked in my shorts. Then we darted through the crowds like little pixies trying to get the best view and best angle for photos. It was difficult shooting in the dark yet alone a live performance, I didn't have any knowledge about the best settings for my camera and my hands were shaking. The lens was so big and heavy and I was standing on my tip toes with my arms stretched in the air to get a shot. I saw these two professional photographers who were allowed beyond the barrier for a while and I can't believe how fast they can shoot and focus at the same time and run up and down along with florence. It was amazing, they were so lucky to get that opportunity.

Im so glad that I had the confidence to go and see her, it was literally like seeing a goddess on stage. The art deco stage setting was so beautifully, the projected images would change with every song. For dog days there was a forestry scene and for seven devils it was all red and gloomy. I didn't manage to buy a t-shirt or anything and I didn't really dance or sing because I am so full up with a cold I can't breath through my nose. Plus I don't have the energy right now. I think I have passed it on to my sister in law which isn't good.  I still really wish I could meet her and get her signature its going to be even more difficult now that she's super famous. I can remember listening to her music when she was playing on the streets of London and recording little videos for youtube. I hope you like the photos I had to watermark them I'm afraid.

Also if any of you have blog banners let me know and I'm going to start putting them down the side of my bar, who ever comments regularly or reads my blog it will be something to say thank you. It would be great if the size would be 200 x 240.


Charlotte Clothier


  1. Amazing photos! I saw Florence and the Machine at the Isle of White Festival in 2010 and they are incredible!

    Kirsti xx

  2. Awww you clearly are very happy! Go you!



  3. Beautiful photos! Your blog has quickly become one of my favourites!

    Megan Jane xo

  4. ahhh i so want to see them live!!! so jealous :) lol

    Hayley xx

  5. SO JEALOUS. it's great that you have the confidence to go! your photo's are brilliant too :) i wish the photo's i take at gigs came out like that, haha xxo

  6. I imagine she's an incredible live performer! I love the detailing on her dress too it contrasts amazingly with her hair. Your little birdcage tattoo is so cute, I love tiny dainty tattoos like that! If you'd like to add my blog button that would be amazing, I have a code for it in my blogs sidebar and I think I've already added your button xx

  7. So jealous! No such luck for people in the States. I am a HUGE Florence fan.

  8. Great photo's, how funny that you went and got your camera back, good on you!

  9. First off, her outfits are freaking amazing!!! Secondly, if this is not totally weird, you kinda look like her... maybe you dont and Im just delusional but OH WELL!! You guys are both pretty and have awesome style which means you look alike(??)