Oeleanor rose

1. Dress- Eleanor Rose
2. Black Beret
  3.Black Shoes- Eleanor Rose
4. Cameo necklace- Eleanor Rose.
5. Black knee socks- H&M
6. Tan satchel- Matalan
7. Mac Cherry lipstick- Boots
8. Revlon red nail varnish- Boots

I've worked so many foreign companies from Korea and China and not many from the Uk. So I would like to introduce this lovely little boutique called 'Eleanor Rose'. Its such a cute shop and based in Swansea!  I adore the shoes on there! I have made a little collage of some items from the store. New pieces are added every day! and there is a great sale on there as well! So all you Uk fashionistas take a look at her store! 
I was supposed to go to Bristol Fashion Week today but I have no transport so I'm going to just lounge around in the garden with my floral japanese parrsol and maybe take a walk later.

Charlotte Clothier


  1. im pretty sure i follow their blo :) never heard a look at an of their stuff though :) i wish i could sit outside but today its not sunny in Scotland! we ve had great weather recently though, pretty pictures!!!

    Hayley xx

  2. Aww this look is very cute!x
    new blog www.beautifulthings-danielle.blogspot.co.uk

  3. beautiful. You are so chic and timeless! I love these!

    love, polly :D