Monday, 12 March 2012


Hat- Charity shop
Corset(*)- La senza
Skirt- Miss Selfridge
Socks(*)- Agent Provocateur 
Shoes- Newlook
Clock necklace(*)-  Iridescent
Kimono(*)- Chicwish

Hey Guys, Check out this photo, its inspired by Cosettes look 'Cherry Blossom. Its almost the same which is so weird, I didn't buy these items to match her style, they were genuinely floating around in my wardrobe. I wish she was my twin sister, she's born in October, I'm born in September. We both love the nautical/sailor style. We have a collection of Berets. She's tall I'm short. The comparisons can go on. Anyways she's got more hair than me which I am envious off. My hair is so thin and ugh its frustrating. I am waiting for spring so badly now I am checking the buds on the trees every day too see how far they've sprouted. I love the blossom trees ahh. If you see down the right hand side of my blog are a lot of store advertisements, all of which I have made codes for and personally worked for. I just wanted to inform you bloggers if you don't know already that the more you click on those lovely stores I gain about £1.50 for every visitor then I can spend that money on the shop.  I'm a poor student so I would appreciate your clicks so much! Plus the stores are beyond amazing. my favourite jewellery shop of the day. Keep leaving comments with your blog banners for me to put at the side of my blog, I want to fill up the space! :) 


  1. Lovely as always, really like the new blog layout too!

    joanne from

  2. Such a gorgeous look <3 and I'm so glad to see another bowler hat wearer out there; they are my favourite!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  3. Absolutely beautiful Charlotte, I adore you. You are such a stand out on lookbook, as you have a unique and genuinely original style. I too like Cosettes looks, you do no have to follow in footsteps, create your own path because you are well on your way...

    Sublime wishes beautiful girl, and keep up my spurts of daily inspiration. xx

  4. Really beautiful, your style suits you so well! Both you and Cosette are gorgeous x