Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Flower head band- DIY
DIY jewel corset originally from La senza
DIY dip dye night gown from my grandmother
Sea shell bag- Atmosphere from a charity shop
Necklace- Topshop

Hey everyone, I have decided I can't stay away from you all! Thank you for all your support and comments I appreciate them all. If I had time to reply to you all I would be a prisoner to my own bedroom. I am going to do a special video dedicated to you lovely people with lots of shout outs, so if you would like me to mention your blog just leave a link below. I've discovered that blogging is a big part of my life and now its starting to flourish like a pink blossom tree, its growing further up and up towards the stars. Hopefully I will be able to reach them one day whilst towering over the world and see life from high up in the clouds. But for now I am a dreamer wandering hopelessly. Today I ventured to the stream with my camera. I have been feeling magical with this lovely weather we have been having. I've been strolling around a little town with my family yesterday and took pictures of swans on the lake. I bought a lovely sea shell shaped bag and knew exactly what look would go with it. I have a huge love of water in any form, being the sea, rivers, streams huge lakes. I feel I belong near them. Maybe I was a mermaid or a water fairy in my past life. I can't swim like a fish but I love to float on the surface. I love to watch the sun light shimmering and dancing with the water. I have decided to stop wearing my extensions and let my hair grow naturally, they don't match my real hair anyway so look silly!

I have been featured in Grazia It Magazine in the print section, I have also been featured in ALEXIS magazine in the global trends page. Its turning into an online magazine now so I should be having the magazines sent to me before the change.  







Saturday, 24 March 2012


Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
Parasol- Charity shop
Orange dress(*)- Romwe
DIY frilly socks-
Shoes- River Island

Oh yes I am still very influenced by Lolita, I think I am starting to love her style and charm more than the actually situation she is in. I think I am starting to realise that Lolita fantasy is definitely only a just a fantasy and a dream. I don't think its something I could fulfil. I like the idea of it and the secrecy but it is pretty messed up!  I  think I'm similar to her as I am very childish and naive, and do get myself into situation where I don't realise the consequences or even if I am respecting myself. Other than dreaming that I was fourteen again, some exciting things have been happening,  new doors are opening and I'm feeling more confident about my future career. Its too early to say anything for definite yet. But I am so excited! 
I have also included some favourite Lolita inspired looks from Look book! take a look towards the bottom of the post! 

Friday, 23 March 2012


Oeleanor rose

1. Dress- Eleanor Rose
2. Black Beret
  3.Black Shoes- Eleanor Rose
4. Cameo necklace- Eleanor Rose.
5. Black knee socks- H&M
6. Tan satchel- Matalan
7. Mac Cherry lipstick- Boots
8. Revlon red nail varnish- Boots

I've worked so many foreign companies from Korea and China and not many from the Uk. So I would like to introduce this lovely little boutique called 'Eleanor Rose'. Its such a cute shop and based in Swansea!  I adore the shoes on there! I have made a little collage of some items from the store. New pieces are added every day! and there is a great sale on there as well! So all you Uk fashionistas take a look at her store! 
I was supposed to go to Bristol Fashion Week today but I have no transport so I'm going to just lounge around in the garden with my floral japanese parrsol and maybe take a walk later.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Hat- Charity shop
Rose Jumper(*)- She Inside
Bodycon skirt- Newlook
Tights- Topshop
Socks- Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
Heels- Select
Bag- Charity Shop
Necklace(*)- Iridescent

I got this amazing jumper in the post yesterday its  from 'She Inside'. It was like a tent when I tried it on! Its so baggy! You can tuck it in to a skirt as well but I think I much prefer it slouching off my shoulder.
 It will be so cosy for those chilly winter evenings when your snuggled up next to the camp fire.
 I've been drawing some fashion illustrations today on the lawn ready for my last interview on the 3rd of
April. Its been so sunny again but there is still a cold wind. I am craving the summer heat so badly now! Its great where I live because they have a glider centre near by and I love watching the planes flying over ahead. They glide and float in the air so gracefully, its so peaceful. My rose plant is starting to bloom, I can't wait for them flowers! I have listed a few of my favourite top ten look bookers that are inspiring me at the moment;


Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Hat- Vintage
Cross Necklace-
Stop watch necklace(*)- Iridescent
Dress(*)- Chicwish
Tights- Newlook

I don't have very much to say in this blog post. Apart from the fact that I did a little photo shoot with my one year old king charles spaniel today, Bert, and he was like a real doggy model. I'm so proud of him.
Other than that my head is in between the clouds at the moment. I seem to have lost all my words.

 Its the first day of spring today and I have been sat on the lawn most of this after noon just gazing up at the sun sparkling through the trees. There is something on my mind. I can't reveal it to you, but if you have read my blog from the very beginning  you know what I'm like. Yep I am a terrible hopeless romantic, and I find myself endless thinking about love, lust and fantasies. I get butterflies in my tummy and a surge of adrenaline shoots up through my body. I get as excitable as a bouncy lamb. I love the fact that know one else can think what your thinking sometimes and the whole secrecy of your thoughts, I feel like a lustful murderer. Maybe the films I'm watching recently are just having a big influence on me at the moment, who knows.  I feel like I'm in a different era somedays, like the last couple of days I have been awaiting emails and its like I am in the 1920's when the form of communication was letters. You never know when your going to receive them and what may be his response. I think love letters should definitely still be written. They are far more precious than an email or a text. Oh how I hate modern technology. 
So this look is mainly inspired by my love for alice and wonderland and the fact that I seem to be in another world compared to everyone around me. 


Monday, 19 March 2012


Floral night blouse(*)- Chicwish

There are a lot of things that have inspired these photos. I wanted them to give off a naive and vulnerable vibe and at the same time look provocative and sexy. I think paintings and photos that can stir controversial thoughts and ideas really catch my attention. In my A level Art I created photo series that could have been viewed in a different light and even my teachers didn't agree with the concept that they were portraying. I think in todays society its something that is an on going argument. There are perfect examples of this shown everywhere, like the slut walk and those photos posted on Facebook of that girl in her bra. If a women wears certain clothes they are immediately considered a slut or a whore. Firstly if you think back to 'Adam and Eve' she only wore a leaf around her 'Mary', but she was the one who lured Adam in. He didn't rape her it was her action. I agree some women don't respect their bodies and have sex with a lot of men. But just because what she wears may be similar to what those women wear they shouldn't all be categorised and stereotyped and certainly not the victim to sexual assault or harassment.
 I'd like to know what you think of these photos, are they too revealing? are they whimsical? I mean I'm not showing off any private bits. My purpose is to see everyones reaction, its not for attention, I'm not fifteen. Deep down I am a conceptual artist and I do like to show that through my fashion photos.

Inspiration taken from these photos;


Sunday, 18 March 2012


Hat- Charity Shop
Dress(*)- Love Clothing
Waistcoat- Marks and Spencers Outlet
Necklace(*)-  Megan Jane Jewellery
Bracelet(*)- Megan Jane Jewellery

I am honoured to show you all this outfit photo where I'm modelling Megan Jane Jewellery. I was offered a sample to show you all how beautiful they are. They are all pretty much custom made and are unique pieces, they can be altered and adjusted to your specific taste. The packaging is so cute its like a sweetie bag! and the little roses look almost good enough to eat. The bracelet fits my wrist perfectly and its very light weight. I want to buy everything from her shop! I love supporting indie boutiques such as Megan's because you really can't buy something that precious in Claires accessories, and has anyone noticed that it always ends up falling apart? I am wearing little rose ear rings as well but you can't see them in the photo so I've added special close up photos of them and the packaging.

Its also Mothering Sunday and I was christened on this day. It is also a very sad day because unfortunately my mother passed away eight years ago and its difficult growing up without the mother figure. I used to hug her everyday I was her youngest and only daughter. She would be so proud of me now and how determined I am with my fashion and designing. If anyone else has recently lost a parent/friend you can email me if you would like a talk I am open to any subject matter.


Saturday, 17 March 2012


Hat- Charity Shop
Blouse- Select
Bow- DIY
Bracelets- Claires
Bag- Charity shop
Tights- Ebay
Socks- Ebay
Shoes- DIY
Dress(*)- Shoppalu
Cross Necklace- My boyfriend
Apple core necklace(*)- Rings and Tings

So this look is quite different from my usual girly outfits, mainly because I like to express my dark rebel side to me. I've always loved the punk rock/goth style ever since I was a tween. I also had to try and match this apple core necklace with something, I already have an apple necklace from Club Couture and its shiny and girly so I thought I would make a snow white themed outfit from that. That left me with no ideas but to think of a rebellious school girl type outfit, with of course hand painted nebula wedges. I was inspired by Ashleigh on look book and decided to paint my own. I used acrylic paint and glitter. They look rubbish up close but from a distance I think they look effective. I have been chatting so some of my blog readers recently and realised that you are so lovely, I am proud that I have very intelligent and interesting people reading my blog. If you would like a general chat you can email me don't be shy I am a genuine and open person.  At the moment I'm watching the film 'Fish Tank' for the third time on youtube. You can watch it here, every bit is uploaded in a 10 min video. It takes ages to load at my house so I want to buy the DVD. 
You can buy the apple core necklace here, and the vintage pinafore dress here. I layered a peter pan collar blouse on top because I love them, and I add them to almost everything. I really need a white detachable collar and I need MONEY! I will be holding a big clothes sale shortly and creating a page dedicated to things you can buy from me.
apple necklace

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Straw Hat- Charity shop
Lace top(*)- Romwe
Floral skirt(*)- Club Couture
White socks(*)- Agent Provocateur
T-bar heels- New look 
Rabbit necklace(*)- Club Couture

This look is inspired by the lovely film 'The Picnic at Hanging Rock' I have watched this film so many times, and I adore the music, the setting and the clothes so much. I had to do a look inspired by it after I saw Jessica's interpretation of the style on lookbook  I have an interview for fashion design tomorrow at 12.20pm so this is going to be a quick post. I have decided to work on my desk again instead of the floor, mainly because its getting grubby and secondly I feel more professional and organised at a desk. I have noticed my room is the darkest place in the whole house and I need more lighting like this bunny light, and this doll house or mushroom light.  I have energy saving bulbs and they are rubbish and dim. I need more candles because I have run out. I have a new header and background, I think my layout will probably change all the time because why should I stick to the same simple design it just gets boring! Also I love that love heart font because I adore the sweets, they aren't that nice but now and then I crave them because they remind me of my childhood. I also still need to make a crown out of them.  So right now I am organising my desk area, its next to a sink in my room so I guess there is more space for my watercolours and jewellery boxes. 

Monday, 12 March 2012


White peter pan dress(*)- Chicwish
Floral dress(*)- Club Couture
Gold skull necklace(*)- Rings and Tings
Brown tan belt- Newlook
Floral black tights- Topshop
White frill socks- DIY
Black bow heels- Select

I wanted to introduce this jewellery store 'Rings and Tings' The most important thing that I'd like to share with you guys is a little childhood love of mine and thats for jewellery, whether its rings, necklaces or brooches I adore each special piece. I used to be so fascinated by jewellery boxes, I would sort out my grandmothers pieces and my sister in law and even adore my mothers golden rings on her fingers. Everyone used to say I was a little magpie or a fairy that was fascinated by diamond and sparkly things. I couldn't wait to start my own collection at the tender age of twelve. I appreciate every single piece I have in my three boxes yes three because I collect so many necklaces and vintage pieces, they all need a good place to keep safe. I think a piece of jewellery is so important to an outfit, even a tiny heart or a pair of pearl earrings can add so much character to the look. Thats why I am a huge fan of little online boutiques, my favourite one at the moment is 'Rings and Tings', here I've shared my favourite pieces with you.


I love you, I’m sorry, I’ll never forget you, Marry me. 
Jewellery has the power to speak words even when at times we find ourselves lost. 
Which is why Rings and Tings is a perfect place to buy the most unique piece of jewellery at a reasonable price. Every design detail is important and can add character to an outfit.
 Whether its a rare treat or in celebration, rings and tings will be there to provide that little special treasure that shall be cherished forever.

rings and tings


Hat- Charity shop
Corset(*)- La senza
Skirt- Miss Selfridge
Socks(*)- Agent Provocateur 
Shoes- Newlook
Clock necklace(*)-  Iridescent
Kimono(*)- Chicwish

Hey Guys, Check out this photo, its inspired by Cosettes look 'Cherry Blossom. Its almost the same which is so weird, I didn't buy these items to match her style, they were genuinely floating around in my wardrobe. I wish she was my twin sister, she's born in October, I'm born in September. We both love the nautical/sailor style. We have a collection of Berets. She's tall I'm short. The comparisons can go on. Anyways she's got more hair than me which I am envious off. My hair is so thin and ugh its frustrating. I am waiting for spring so badly now I am checking the buds on the trees every day too see how far they've sprouted. I love the blossom trees ahh. If you see down the right hand side of my blog are a lot of store advertisements, all of which I have made codes for and personally worked for. I just wanted to inform you bloggers if you don't know already that the more you click on those lovely stores I gain about £1.50 for every visitor then I can spend that money on the shop.  I'm a poor student so I would appreciate your clicks so much! Plus the stores are beyond amazing. my favourite jewellery shop of the day. Keep leaving comments with your blog banners for me to put at the side of my blog, I want to fill up the space! :) 

Friday, 9 March 2012


Hey Lovelies, thank you for your comments on my previous posts and your positive feedback I read them all and I'm sorry that sometimes I can't reply to everyone, but keep checking back and I may have replied on the post comments. I wanted to share with you an art deco inspired collage, I've seen a running theme of  1920's style on this website called BQueen and I thought it would be perfect for a blog post. Seeing as I have recently been to a Florence and the Machine gig I feel that I have gained a lot of inspiration from her new fashion sense. Its quite a change from her first album where it was all lace and florals and even now and then some gothic chiffon capes and gowns. I very much stick by everything she wears, but if only I was tall I could pull it off. So I have collected a few dresses that I think Florence would wear or ones that I dream of wearing. The website is a perfect place to purchase a prom or evening dress. They are quite expensive but many stars such as Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry have worn dresses from there so thats cool. Although most of them are big busty celebs with the fake tan and perfect figure for a bodycon dress, there are other alternatives. 

art decof ashion

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Beret- Charity shop
Glasses(*)- Romwe
Playsuit(*)- Vintage
Peter pan collar dress(*)- Chicwish
Bag- Urban Outfitters
Socks- Ebay
Shoes- Newlook 

I'm still not better and even taking a daily outfit post is tiring. I need some remedy for colds/flu so I can get better Im trying everything. Its difficult when you have model clothes for companies e.t.c. when your nose is running so much and now I've developed a tickly cough. I know look book may seem silly to other people but at the moment its my full time job for me. I am really serious about it because its opened up a lot of doors and I hope it keeps on growing. I named a look after Luanna, because she fanned me ages ago on Lookbook and I really look up to the successful people on there as an inspiration of where I want to be in life. Also Cosette fanned me today on look book which I am so grateful for, I wish she could be my twin sister or cousin, her skin is so pale like my own, I'm glad she is setting an example sometimes its good to be pale, even Rookie agrees! Other people who have fanned me of LB are Bebe, Lina and Flavia. Its a great feeling because they have done so out of their own actions without me even begging. Small things like that make me feel like there are other people out there who do like my style even when I'm still trying to figure it out.  I wish that I could stick to one and the same style of photography e.t.c but I seem to be all over the place. Another few things that have put a smile on my face recently are being on the leader board on lookbook and my 'Florence' look being posted on LB Facebook and Twitter. I know Im such a loser stating these things but I dream to be among the best and my wish is one day my look to be no.1 on the hot page or even being interviewed. I know this will never happen but I keep working hard every day to make that come true.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


 Hey every one, I can't believe it after 3 years I have actually seen Florence and the Machine perform live! It was incredible. I went with my sister in law and we got there about half eight. I think florence came on stage at 9 and finished at 10pm. We were running late due to traffic and other problems such as me being ill with a cold and really not up for it as well as the overpowering excitement mixed with uncontrollable anxiety attacks. I haven't been to a live gig since 2008 I think so it was a huge thing for me to go to a place crowded with people, definitely hell for someone who suffers from claustrophobia and social anxiety. But I managed to run out the car and go and see her perform. I wore my lace dress from Chicwish,  layered on top of my rococo lace top from Romwe.

I took in my camera and the body guards said it looked too 'professional' so they took it off me. No way was I going to sit all the way through the best day of my life and not capture the moment. So we ran upstairs to the cloakroom and stole my camera back, I hid it under my dress and it was tucked in my shorts. Then we darted through the crowds like little pixies trying to get the best view and best angle for photos. It was difficult shooting in the dark yet alone a live performance, I didn't have any knowledge about the best settings for my camera and my hands were shaking. The lens was so big and heavy and I was standing on my tip toes with my arms stretched in the air to get a shot. I saw these two professional photographers who were allowed beyond the barrier for a while and I can't believe how fast they can shoot and focus at the same time and run up and down along with florence. It was amazing, they were so lucky to get that opportunity.

Im so glad that I had the confidence to go and see her, it was literally like seeing a goddess on stage. The art deco stage setting was so beautifully, the projected images would change with every song. For dog days there was a forestry scene and for seven devils it was all red and gloomy. I didn't manage to buy a t-shirt or anything and I didn't really dance or sing because I am so full up with a cold I can't breath through my nose. Plus I don't have the energy right now. I think I have passed it on to my sister in law which isn't good.  I still really wish I could meet her and get her signature its going to be even more difficult now that she's super famous. I can remember listening to her music when she was playing on the streets of London and recording little videos for youtube. I hope you like the photos I had to watermark them I'm afraid.

Also if any of you have blog banners let me know and I'm going to start putting them down the side of my bar, who ever comments regularly or reads my blog it will be something to say thank you. It would be great if the size would be 200 x 240.