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 I googled my name today, you know as you do... and I came across my outfit photo being posted on the teen vogue website on the 9th of Feb. I was so shocked, they didn't even inform me that they had chosen it. Well I saw that they had posted it on Facebook too and it was so funny to read the comments people had left. I know I can apologise for the contrast between my orange dress and my burgundy socks, but hey can't one stand out from the crowd like a traffic light?  You can see my look here.

Also I'd like to introduce the lovely Paige. She has a new blog and would love followers, she is a very down to earth little lady and posts the most cute yet simple outfits on look book. We have talked a couple of times on Facebook and to be honest she is one talented artist. You can follow her blog here.
If you want to read some lovely interviews that I've done you can look here.

Red beret- Charity shop
Black dress- Shoppalu
Grey cardigan- H&M
Red vintage satchel- Charity shop
Bow heels- Select
Black socks- Primark
Watch necklace- Iridescent

red satchel
Grey pinnafore- Clothes show live 2007
Stripey peter pan collar top- Topshop
Bag- Charity shop
Socks- Primark
Heels- Select

Charlotte Clothier


  1. i love your style! My favourite look has to be "Lay Me Down With the Lions" The trousers and top are so cool!!!!

    Hayley xx
    ckeck my blog?

  2. I know I've said it so many times before but I love your style so much! My favourite look is It was too cold today! xo

  3. After following on Lookbook, finally found your blog!:) You've been surprising me even more, day by day... And I think you look great wearing sophisticated monochromatic stuff!

  4. I love your looks and I think it's such a good idea you sketching your outfits to plan them, you should but your sketches up! :) The little archway with flowers also sounds lovely :)

    Kirsti xx