My new obsession is Meadham Kirchhoff, not only are they   incredibly talented fashion designers, they are beyond gorgeous, *drools*.  My dream would be to work with them, or as an intern or even to step into their studio, I would probably die and be carried on cotton candy clouds to MK heaven. I bought Dazed and Confused today just because it had an
interview with them.

I also bought Vogue because of the pastel trend, I've been a fan of pastels since 2010, when they tried to make it big but it never caught on. This year I think people are more confident to try it out, especially with the amazing adverts by Louis Vuitton. 
They are so beautiful and makes me want lots of ice cream sundaes so I had to make a strawberry and glazed dessert with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. I have a terrible sweet tooth and I am so happy that I can show that not only through my tastebuds but now with fashion.

I've made a dress inspired by MK heart dress for S/S12 this is the original. I hope I don't get sued or something for copying them? I have successfully completed my portfolio. Yay. Now I can relax a bit. I did a bit of charity shop browsing today and how come when you have no money that you see everything amazing and that you need to buy. Life is so depressing. I have no job at the moment and therefore no income so I shall be doing a huge blog sale soon. I might change my layout to a colourful Courtney Love and MK theme. I can't help it but I love changing designs all the time. Its probably not useful for people to remember my blog but who cares.

 I also received a lovely gift from Franklyn at Sister Psyche. I was so happy!! Its a cameo brooch with a pretty Victorian Girl on the front. Its just my style. I took a sneak peak through her shop and discovered this vintage nightie top. If you have followed my look book you should know I'm a huge fan for floaty chiffon night gowns and blouses. So go and get it before I do!! there is only one available.




Charlotte Clothier


  1. All of this! omg, just where do I start, I must look more into Meadham Kirchhoff, and I loveee Louis Vuitton's new collection! I love their tiaras :3 I'm so jealous of your cameo! I love all things cameo, I have quite a collection myself. And as always you look amazing ;) and so does that sundae..

  2. You are very welcome! I love looking at how you put outfits together, I knew you'd love that brooch, I've had it for years and never wore it! It needed to be loved. Xxxx

  3. gorgeous brooch!

    Hayley xx

  4. i LOVE meadham kirchhoff so much! your dress looks so amazing, such a lovely take on their design.

  5. Your blog is so great! I am firs time here...but I already luuv it! ;) following <3

  6. totally in love with your blog and this post. I can't believe you made this dress !! AMAZING. Meadham Kirchhoff are so great, I want the yumme looking shoes from there last collection so much!
    thanks for following XXX

  7. All these pictures are ever so pretty, so much pink and nice things!

  8. You did such a good job! I am in love with Meadham Kirchhoff too- I want the rainbow jumpe. (I see you've drawn a picture of it there)


  9. Oh dear, what a fancy wall! xx

  10. such a lovely post ♥ i like the photos !

    join my original giveaway on my blog until 7.2.2012 if you like :)

  11. You're so talented this dress is amazing! Gorgeous photos too, your blog is always so inspirational. xx