Hat- Charity shop
Lace blouse- Romwe
Lace dress- Chicwish
Socks- Ebay
Boots- Ebay

I am writing this late night post under a bed sheet tent with smudged red lipstick smeared across my lips. I always find it leaves a stain much like the taste of your kiss from a month ago. I look up to see the wooden roof covered with over a thousand glow in the dark stars. The black silhouettes of the forest peering down at me. They stand tall and silent but I bet the fox and owls are having their midnight feast. Yesterday I ventured out into the countryside and walked down the old railway line, I came across a little pond with blossoming lilies and millions of frog spawn. The sun was so warm and the sky was so clear! I decided to dress up in a rococo themed outfit and take lovely photos. There I was strolling down the never ending path of green grass with nothing but the company of nature and the birds singing their sunday tunes. These photos are inspired by Marie Antoinette and The Virgin Suicides.  I'm so glad that some of them turned out ok, I have been experiencing some focussing problems recently especially when using my timer but thankfully it was a successful day. Also I have a new header, what do you think?

Charlotte Clothier


  1. Ah, just so pretty <3 I love how vintage this is ^.^ oh and I was wondering, where did you get your petticoat?

  2. Nice writing, really! :)
    I love your new header, the photo is awesome. :)

  3. Oh, beautiful photos!
    I adore the one where you're kicking up water.

  4. I love the photo of you kicking the water but I would be so afraid of ruining the dress and petticoat!


  5. These photos are actually stunning. You look gorgeous, and I love the idea of the Marie Antoinette inspired shoot... Well done!

  6. What a gorgeous outfit... you look so romantic *_* Love the dress so much!

  7. oh these photographs are jsut beautiful! and you make them!
    You look so dreamy... :)

    Hayley xx

  8. Love your outfit and the Virgin Suicides quote!

  9. Love it! "Pretty Baby", all the way! :)xx