Hat- Charity Shop
DIY pin bow
Peter pan collar dress- Chicwish
White socks- Agent Provocateur 
Dolly heels- Peacocks 

I would like to introduce one of my favourite bloggers at the moment, she has the same name as me and her blog 'kook' is so awesome. She is running a giveaway at the moment, you could win a cute pastel coloured handmade collar, they look so adorable. she deserves a lot more followers, she blogs about Meadham Kirchhoff quite often and thats why I love her blog and she is really stylish as well.

This outfit is called the sunday school girl and is inspired by Alexa Chung's looks that I have posted below. I don't often gain inspiration from celebrities or even look at the clothes they wear, I like to try and create outfits myself. But I found her wearing these dresses and I loved them. Also that bob goes so well with her style. I've added a beret because I am obsessed with the film 'the dreamers' and but the end of this year I wish to have a rainbow coloured collection. Eva Green wears her red one so beautifully. 

I attended sunday school when I was younger and I can remember so much, my mother was a christian but I always got excited about the fact I was officially allowed to move from the church aisles and wander up some whirly stone steps upstairs into the children's play area. It was such a beautiful room. I shall try and draw it one day and tell you all the positive things from my childhood. 


Charlotte Clothier


  1. Your blog is so beautiful!!Your outfits are amazing and we share the same love for Meadham Kirchhoff style, I was really flattered by seeing my bear bag on your wonderful wall!


  2. love this outfit, so cute!!!

    Hayley xx

  3. Thank you very much for your comment, I would be very glad if you'll use my bear on a t-shirt!! I share my designs for this purpose,
    I'm the first who can't afford to buy my favorite clothes, so I try to help who loves fashion with my 'crazy' DIYs!!
    I can't wait to see your t-shirt!! ♥


  4. Cute outfit! Thank you so much for mentioning me too! <3

  5. amazing photos
    and lovee the outfit
    and the collars