Wednesday, 29 February 2012



Dress- Chicwish
Stopwatch necklace- Iridescent

Yesterday some beautiful dresses came  through the post and I had the perfect idea of a photo shoot. In the field opposite to my house there is a old burnt tree with a huge hole in the centre of it. It could be a badgers trap or maybe a fox's den. I am so tempted to crawl down there I'm small enough! I thought of doing a little Alice in Wonderland themed photos. It started raining so I rushed back home I didn't want the rain to damage my lens. Its funny how a perfectly sunny day can end with the most shocking news. I had to be the magical fairy and help out the family. I haven't slept in my own bed for ages. I am so tired writing this post. I'm going to see Florence and the Machine on Monday woo I  am so excited. Right now I need to go to sleep, I'm sorry this is such a quick post I will gain a little more focus when my family problems have calmed down.  For now lets forget and dream about Wonderland.

Monday, 27 February 2012


Hat- Charity shop
Lace blouse- Romwe
Lace dress- Chicwish
Socks- Ebay
Boots- Ebay

I am writing this late night post under a bed sheet tent with smudged red lipstick smeared across my lips. I always find it leaves a stain much like the taste of your kiss from a month ago. I look up to see the wooden roof covered with over a thousand glow in the dark stars. The black silhouettes of the forest peering down at me. They stand tall and silent but I bet the fox and owls are having their midnight feast. Yesterday I ventured out into the countryside and walked down the old railway line, I came across a little pond with blossoming lilies and millions of frog spawn. The sun was so warm and the sky was so clear! I decided to dress up in a rococo themed outfit and take lovely photos. There I was strolling down the never ending path of green grass with nothing but the company of nature and the birds singing their sunday tunes. These photos are inspired by Marie Antoinette and The Virgin Suicides.  I'm so glad that some of them turned out ok, I have been experiencing some focussing problems recently especially when using my timer but thankfully it was a successful day. Also I have a new header, what do you think?

Sunday, 26 February 2012



Hat- Charity shop
Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
Black bow pin- Handmade
Emerald chiffon peter pan collar dress- She Inside
Black floral lace tights- Topshop
Bow black heels- Select Fashion
Floral bag- Urban Outfitters

I added the black pin bow to this outfit, I keep doing it with every look, I really should stop. But it makes the dress feel even more dainty. This is by far the best dress I have ever received it took quite a while to come from Hong Kong but I love the Japanese Lolita style dresses so I was patient even to wait. The lace collar is so beautiful! This is my first and only emerald dress in my closet and I feel like it really suits my hair and skin tone. Have you ever felt really good in a dress, well thats how I feel wearing this! Its got an elasticated waistband and would fit all sizes. Its actually a one size on the website but I'm a size 8-10 and it fits me perfectly, even the length is amazing. I am so short. I would definitely recommend you take a look at this online store. I will do a collage of my favourite pieces from there.



Saturday, 25 February 2012



Hat- Charity Shop
DIY pin bow
Peter pan collar dress- Chicwish
White socks- Agent Provocateur 
Dolly heels- Peacocks 

I would like to introduce one of my favourite bloggers at the moment, she has the same name as me and her blog 'kook' is so awesome. She is running a giveaway at the moment, you could win a cute pastel coloured handmade collar, they look so adorable. she deserves a lot more followers, she blogs about Meadham Kirchhoff quite often and thats why I love her blog and she is really stylish as well.

This outfit is called the sunday school girl and is inspired by Alexa Chung's looks that I have posted below. I don't often gain inspiration from celebrities or even look at the clothes they wear, I like to try and create outfits myself. But I found her wearing these dresses and I loved them. Also that bob goes so well with her style. I've added a beret because I am obsessed with the film 'the dreamers' and but the end of this year I wish to have a rainbow coloured collection. Eva Green wears her red one so beautifully. 

I attended sunday school when I was younger and I can remember so much, my mother was a christian but I always got excited about the fact I was officially allowed to move from the church aisles and wander up some whirly stone steps upstairs into the children's play area. It was such a beautiful room. I shall try and draw it one day and tell you all the positive things from my childhood. 


Friday, 24 February 2012


Hat- Charity shop
White dress- Chicwish
Layered chiffon dress- Love
White socks- ebay
Heels- newlook
Belt- new look

angel fairy

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


 I googled my name today, you know as you do... and I came across my outfit photo being posted on the teen vogue website on the 9th of Feb. I was so shocked, they didn't even inform me that they had chosen it. Well I saw that they had posted it on Facebook too and it was so funny to read the comments people had left. I know I can apologise for the contrast between my orange dress and my burgundy socks, but hey can't one stand out from the crowd like a traffic light?  You can see my look here.

Also I'd like to introduce the lovely Paige. She has a new blog and would love followers, she is a very down to earth little lady and posts the most cute yet simple outfits on look book. We have talked a couple of times on Facebook and to be honest she is one talented artist. You can follow her blog here.
If you want to read some lovely interviews that I've done you can look here.

country school girl

Red beret- Charity shop
Black dress- Shoppalu
Grey cardigan- H&M
Red vintage satchel- Charity shop
Bow heels- Select
Black socks- Primark
Watch necklace- Iridescent

red satchel
Grey pinnafore- Clothes show live 2007
Stripey peter pan collar top- Topshop
Bag- Charity shop
Socks- Primark
Heels- Select

Saturday, 11 February 2012


(click on the image to view larger) 
Hey everyone, I have chosen 14 pieces of clothing from Chicwish, for this romantic month! 
Chicwish is definitely the perfect online clothing store for delicate lace and frills that will add elegance to any girlfriend. I wanted to share with you my red themed picks so here they are:
1) Indescribable Scarlet Dress £28.74
2) Bowknots Pleated Scarlet Dress £31.94
3) 3D Floral Jacket £38.34
4) Little Red Riding Skirt £22.34
5) My Bonnie Red Rose Skirt £38.34
6) Dreamy Fluffy Dress £28.74
7) Pearly Wine Velvet Dress £42.18
8) Simple Sundress £25.54
9) Multi-layered Petal Petticoat £25.54
10) Peter Pan Lace Collar Scarlet Top £31.94
11) Reversible Hearts Pattern Skirt  £22.34
12) Vintage Style Heart Lock Lady Bag £27.46
13) Delicacy Triple Layers Tutu £28.74
14) Just-Knit-It Crochet Dress £42.18

Friday, 10 February 2012



Black Beret- Charity shop
Dogtooth jacket- My grandmother
Peter pan collar dress- Dorothy Perkins
Jewellery- Topshop
Glasses- Vintage
Green socks- Primark
Black bow heels- Select

My second interview went great! I was the last one to go on and I was so nervous!! Ahh. Everyone else was standing still in the middle of the room when we were on the tour, and I would just wander around by myself being such a nosey parker. But I wanted to see everything and when I get nervous I can't stand still. My nails are so bitten, Its a terrible habit I have. My next one is in Newport and then Bath. Its so stressful sorting out university things. I'm so happy now that I completed them without running away from it all, I get more nervous than anyone else because I suffer with social anxiety. But that isn't really an excuse anymore its just something I have to live with, just think of being nervous and double it about 50 times and thats how I feel.  I have reached 100,000 all time history page views today on my blog and I am so happy and proud of my blog, and how its gained so much success and achievements over the last year and a half. I have had a blog spot since 2009 but only got it up and running in 2011. I think.. or was it 2010. Haha I can't even remember. I love every one of you. Even if I dont reply to your comments I read them all, and if you leave an extra special comment I will reply asap. So here are my photos for today;



Thursday, 2 February 2012


My new obsession is Meadham Kirchhoff, not only are they   incredibly talented fashion designers, they are beyond gorgeous, *drools*.  My dream would be to work with them, or as an intern or even to step into their studio, I would probably die and be carried on cotton candy clouds to MK heaven. I bought Dazed and Confused today just because it had an
interview with them.

I also bought Vogue because of the pastel trend, I've been a fan of pastels since 2010, when they tried to make it big but it never caught on. This year I think people are more confident to try it out, especially with the amazing adverts by Louis Vuitton. 
They are so beautiful and makes me want lots of ice cream sundaes so I had to make a strawberry and glazed dessert with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. I have a terrible sweet tooth and I am so happy that I can show that not only through my tastebuds but now with fashion.

I've made a dress inspired by MK heart dress for S/S12 this is the original. I hope I don't get sued or something for copying them? I have successfully completed my portfolio. Yay. Now I can relax a bit. I did a bit of charity shop browsing today and how come when you have no money that you see everything amazing and that you need to buy. Life is so depressing. I have no job at the moment and therefore no income so I shall be doing a huge blog sale soon. I might change my layout to a colourful Courtney Love and MK theme. I can't help it but I love changing designs all the time. Its probably not useful for people to remember my blog but who cares.

 I also received a lovely gift from Franklyn at Sister Psyche. I was so happy!! Its a cameo brooch with a pretty Victorian Girl on the front. Its just my style. I took a sneak peak through her shop and discovered this vintage nightie top. If you have followed my look book you should know I'm a huge fan for floaty chiffon night gowns and blouses. So go and get it before I do!! there is only one available.