Monday, 30 January 2012


Hat- Charity shop
Dress- Chicwish(*)
Shoes- Newlook

I love this vintage lace dress from Chicwish,
 its perfect length, perfect style, amazing fit.
 I can't wait to wear it in the summer running through the fields.

Hello my little poppets, I'm back. I have been super duper busy trying to get my portfolio ready for my interviews, I have one on the 7th of Feb at London College of Fashion. Then one in Cardiff on the 9th of February, right now I don't have anything prepared. I went to school thinking that they would still have my account open so I could print things off there, as I have no money at all to buy card and print off A3 photos. So yes they deleted my account and I went to go find the lovely ICT man and fluttered my eyelashes at him and with a bit of luck he opened up a new account and put £20 worth of credit on for, HORRAY now I'm running around like a headless chicken trying to sort everything out. 

 I have also been on little adventures here and there and yesterday I went to Cheltenham with my Dad and my brother to do a bit of shopping. I had my heart set on buying the book Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov. Its such a innocent front cover, and I have watched the movie about ten times now! which is cheating. I'm going to try my best and read the whole book. I found some amazing bits and bobs in the charity shops, but things are so over priced now. I wish they hadn't founded the word vintage and started labelling everything with it. Here are some photos of the amazing sunset on my way home, and the limestone buildings in Cheltenham, its such a beautiful place


Thursday, 26 January 2012


The title are lyrics from my all time favourite song at the moment 'Blood- The Middle East'. I saw it playing on my favourite movie 'It's kind of a funny story' and Keir Gilchrist is so unbelievable hot. I need to marry that guy, he's born a week after me 28th of september and we're the same age. ah Im kinda becoming freakily obsessed with him. But anyway yes so this look is inspired by the animated video, its so cute and the colours they used made me wanted to create an autumn type look. I haven't updated in a while so I wanted to make sure this post was extra special. I got my boyfriend to take photos of me instead of me doing them all the time, with a timer. Its very difficult, so if any of  you know how to work a canon 500d be my guest and give me some tips please. I would be so much happier with a normal camera, I don't do much fashion photography recently like taking photos of other people, I think I want to work behind the scenes a bit first and do the styling and make up and actually let professional people do all the work. So yeah it is very true what Kitty Gallanaugh says that ' it doesn't matter what camera you use, its up to the photographer to create beautiful images' well she said something like that haha because she always gets asked what camera she uses, as if you owned the exact same one they are going to look actually like Kitty's. haha I find that quite funny. Also I have been featured in ALEXIS magazine, you can look on my feature page, its quite funny because my photo is tiny compared to the rest, but ah well its still in there.

(Excuse the chewed nails, I have a terrible habit of biting them and cutting them short, I can't stand manicured nails they freak me out, unless its for a special occasion I can understand)

Bird ring (*)- CUTIE PIE
Burgundy Bowler hat- Charity Shop
Orange knitted scoop dress- TKMaxx
Burgundy waistcoat- M&S, from my brother.
Black woven belt- Newlook
Peacock necklace- Claires
Floral lace tights- Topshop
Burgundy ribbed socks- Topshop
Tan ankle boots -Newlook


Sunday, 15 January 2012


DIY handmade flower headdress
Flower skull tshirt (*)- Your eyes lie
Lilac lace shorts - Romwe
DIY jem ladder tights
DIY rose shoes
Words can not even express how much love I have for the online store 'your eyes lie'. I have been browsing on there for ever just added things to my basket hoping that one day I could afford a £30 top. I normally buy things in sales or in charity shops. So to be able to afford a top with the help of my Dad is just amazing!! I was begging for ages to buy this floral skull top, My brother helped me and chipped in £5 and then I BOUGHT IT! yay I'm a huge fan. I see all these lovely people on look book always modelling them for the company and its something I had always wished for. Here is a collage of my favourite things from there. 




Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Dress- Kee Boutique(*)
Straw hat- Charity shop
White socks- Primark
Shoes- Miss Self fridge
Peacock necklace- Claires 

This look is an old one but I forgot to post it, I am posting so many photos recently that some times I'm not blogging about all of them, and sometimes I just don't have a lot of things to say really. But this dress is so beautiful and I was lucky enough to come across this amazing online fashion store called Kee Boutique. The dress is so light and floaty, my favourite part is the scallop hem line! It adds that extra whimsical effect to the dress. It fits so perfectly and its so well made. It really is a unique garment and its HANDMADE! which is even more spectacular, because nowadays everything is made abroad. Anyway check the store out!
kee boutique collab

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I am off to see Florence and the Machine in March, for the first time ever. I am so excited. Its going to be the first time I have seen her live. I've made t-shirts for it already, I've done collages of clothes and I just can't decide what to wear, I know its too early but preparation is needed guys! Here is my collage of vintage edwardian lace dresses and skirts all inspired by 'What the water gave me' video. 

( floral liberty london print)


(badges from my boyfriend)