Monday, 31 December 2012


July 2012
This month I like to call the 'Whimsical Woes and Fairy Foes', my looks and photography became more of an escape from reality. I knew deep down in my heart I was in love with the wrong person and I was trying to love someone who didn't see life as magic and precious as I did. I then tried to find love elsewhere. Then Summer was there right in front of my eyes, the warm breeze, the sparkling sun through the trees, the kisses from the roses and the grass tickling my bare feet. I never felt so close to nature like this, once you just let the world in its fascinating how it comforts you, and looks after you. You start seeing things in nature that almost seems like they are putting on a show for you to make you smile. The butterflies dance around your head, the birds sing a lullaby on the telephone wires. I loved making dens from bedsheets, collecting flowers from an empty cottage garden, I felt nothing else mattered. I was blissfully happy. Crown and Glory,  was such a marvellous well established boutique to work with.

This look lucky enough got me a place as a finalist in the Cosmopolitan Style Search.

August 2012
This month I was mainly inspired by Pin Up Girls, I bought a Candy Striped Bed Sheet from a Vintage Store and it made such an awesome backdrop to work with, I thought to myself I could do a lot of looks with this, by just quickly changing in my bedroom and snapping my outfits. I guess I was inspired by the lovely Annika! But then again I thought backgrounds are very important to me, especially locations they bring my ideas and concepts alive. So I started to venture outside and found some beautiful places such as the Lake with my Red Hearted Dress! it got shared on Lookbook's Tumblr and received a lot of views within seconds.  But either way it was good to experiment and learn from trial and error.

September 2012
Was the month I was getting ready to leave for University for the first time, so I tried to rush all my ideas into one. My head was all over the place. I think I started to wake up from my Summer Sleep and faced reality. Most of the month I felt anxious and sad to leave the Countryside. You could probably guess in my looks I was stressed and not focussed. Also bad hair, a ratty wig and no money made me a very unhappy bunny.

October 2012 
Finally this month I had settled down into University, although I still found it hard to blog with so many people around. Im so used to the company of the Cows and Sheep in the fields. But I think I managed a few good photos this month, I'm so happy you guys stayed by me through to the next chapter of my life. The first look I took was up on a balcony over looking the sea, I stayed in a spare room for a week because I had caused to much drama in halls due to my lack of inhibition. Lime Crime,  was such an awesome company to work for, I was over the moon. Also Becky B Wardrobe such a great company as well. I started working hard once I had money to spend on clothes and the new Baroque trend especially caught my eye. I bought new hair extensions and got back on track finally feeling myself again, I had my feet firmly placed on the ground and ready to live.

November 2012 
My new art project led me to rekindle my love for the Pre-Raphelite paintings, and thus I dreamed of the elegance and romance that the women beheld in the artwork. However by this time the weather was becoming colder so I had to take photos indoors, which isn't good when there are other students about. It became quite awkward explaining why I take photos of myself and dress up like this. If I pranced about the City in those Vintage Dresses and dressed up as Thumbelina I'm certain people would think I am a head case. So thus I have to conjure up some kind of sophisticated and much maturer look. But I am starting to see my style shift into a darker romantic stage now, like my heart is at ease now its set free, and I know now that I will forever love him, even though he isn't near anymore. You never forget your first love even though we grew apart.

December 2012 
So here we have it, Mr.December. How lovely to greet you. Although I still haven't really fitted into a blogging routine whilst being at University. My passion still remains and the journey still continues. Its hard for me to battle these dark nights and all the work load. Im sure now Spring is around the corner I shall be out and about at the sea side and around all the beautiful parks and buildings down here, I am quite excited spending spring in the City. Although I shall miss the blossom trees and the sprouting flowers. After five years of being trapped in a relationship where you both know deep down that its not working. I think now I have finally found freedom right by the Ocean. I think I have met some one who makes me feel electric. I don't know what love is yet I still feel too young, but I really like this person so time will tell, and hopefully my thoughts and feelings will channel through my style and photography and I will begin making art again. Have a great new year x

Part 1 continued here... 


January 2012
Was the month I started to work with Companies, last year the only one was Romwe, at the beginning I had bad hair extensions, took photos in doors which were so bad haha but the outfits were so creative and crazy. I completely let myself go. I got featured in Teen Vogue Best Dressed Online and my photos wearing Your Eyes Lie clothes were featured on their website as a product image. It was crazy to see yourself on a clothing website that you have admired for a while. Companies worked with Your Eyes Lie, Chicwish, Romwe.

February 2012
There are a few more looks in this month because it was the season of Love and I think Chicwish knew this and spoilt me with many wonderous fairytale dresses to prance around in. This was the month I started talking to the lovely Paige and we collaborated together for the Lookbook Valentines Competition. I also worked with an amazing online vintage store called Shoppalu, and She Inside oh and also I couldn't believe that In Love With Fashion sent me this Pink Maxi Dress. It was so expensive as a sample I was so thankful.

March 2012
The month of the fiery red head seems like I was actually on fire with lots of ideas that created wonderful looks. This was the BOOM month, so much happened. I became obsessed with Cosette Munch dyed my hair like her. BIG MISTAKE. Dont have a clue what I was doing at that time. I worked with Proopticals, Australian Store Beginning Boutique, and Club Couture. I discovered the wonderful Jessica Celebre's looks and fell into a state of romantic dreaming. She opened up this whole new world for me. I watched the film Picnic at Hanging Rock because of her. I worked with little jewellery boutiques like Megan Jane, Rings and Tings and Iridescent. I received a parcel of clothes from Paige, and I sent one back, it was a way of supporting each others blogs and experimenting. I became obsesed with Lolita thanks to Cosette Munch. I started reading blogs like Briar Rose and Red Brick Lipstick but I was afraid to approach these ladies they seemed to be so magical and inspiring.

This look got shared and featured on the Lookbook Facebook page thanks to Yuri Lee.

Inspired by Jessica Celebre's Look.

April 2012
The Blooming Butterfly months. Found my love for Lana Del Rey. Invested in a wig, didn't want to be Ginger anymore but my hair was in bad condition so its better than dying it and its easier to completely reinvent yourself with wigs. I had such a great time dressing up as Lana Del Rey, I think my hard work paid off because in May she followed me on Twitter. Worked with great companies like I Wear Sin, Ellatino and Ax Paris and OASAP.

Inspired by Kustom Kix Shoes by Sherriff Nasir

Remember this look reaching top 5 on the Lookbook Hot Page and Ivam and I were getting too excited.

May 2012
Was the flaming hot weather where it was just too hot to take looks outdoors! I can remember making up this Jubilee Tea Party at the bottom of my garden because it was the only place that had shade! When I wore the cream lace dress I was sweating so much, it was so uncomfortable. Worked with amazing companies like The Orphan Arms, Mad Lady, I Any Wear, Little Me and BQueen Shoes.

June 2012
Still obsesed with lana as you can see in the photos, I invested in a longer Curly Wig, which was amazing but now has gone ratty. Need to invest in a new one asap. Found the biggest sweet smelling Pink Rose in the Graveyard! It basically just put the cherry on the top of that Darker Black Laced look. So beautifully contrasted! I started talking to Megan Mcminn at this time and we sent each other parcels, she was such an inspiration, but now she is fully blooming and its great to see her being so successful, wish her lots of luck for the future. Worked with great companies like Choies, Camera Fund Clothing, Laughing Assassin Jewellery and 9 Crow Street.

To be continued...

Saturday, 8 December 2012



What I'm Wearing;
DIY Dolce and Gabbana inspired Embellished Headband,
Chandelier Earrings- H&M
Gold Leaf Necklace- MERRIN AND GUSSY
Baroque Print Dress- AX PARIS
Topshop Black and Gold Cape - EBAY
DIY D&G Embellished Ribbon Belt
Black Lace Stocking Tights- CLAIRES
DIY Baroque Embellished Wedges
Black Studded Leather Bag- OASAP
Red Lipstick- TOPSHOP

001. Hey Guys, This outfit was put together with the Dolce and Gabbana AW12 collection in mind. As you have probably already guessed I am heavily influenced by the whole Baroque print trend at the moment with the black and gold printed dresses and embellished accessories. I saw some in river island and if you can remember from this post, that I wanted to incorporate my DIY pieces into an outfit. lucky enough I got this Baroque Print Dress from AX Paris for only twenty five pound which is a bargain compared to those printed dress on either Topshop or the ones sold in River Island. I know sometimes its about quality of the piece that you pay for, but when its just a trend and you think maybe next season it will all be over and would it still be fashionable, you kind of don't want to spend so much.  This dress has an open back which is sexy and perfect for christmas parties. The skirt is very floaty and adds a sense of femininity, also I got a size ten because I thought I could grow into it, but the arms are quite baggy on me, if you cant see from the photos, I should of got a smaller size. 

002. I paired it nicely with this Gold Leaf Necklace gifted by Merrin and Gussy, its an Australian company founded by the lovely Ben from Lookbook. It took a while to be delivered but Im glad I waited it fits perfectly with this style. I'm also wearing my Black and Gold Cape that I bought from Ebay for twenty pounds I saw them in store a couple of years ago and I didn't really want to buy one for sixty pounds or so, so I waited until they came back into trend. This one fits nicely with the whole black and gold trend and its super cosy to wear in the wintery weather. The bag I got from OASAP and its my favourite bag at the moment, I love it so much, apart from it does smell a bit fishy which is putting me off from opening it up in public, I've bought some air fresheners and sprayed it with perfume and such but nothing seems to get rid of the smell? any tips? 

I hope you guys enjoy the photos, I had so much fun taking them today, but I must stop procrastinating and continue to finish my final major project, I'll get back to you in the middle of next week, for now have a great weekend,

Lots of Love,
Charlotte x 

IMG_4340 2

Wednesday, 5 December 2012



What I'm wearing,
DIY Red Silk Hair Bow,
Chandelier Earrings- H&M
Tweed Blazer- H&M
Red Skirt- NEW LOOK
Black Stocking Tights- CLAIRES
Vintage Collar- CHICWISH
Red Lipstick- TOPSHOP 

When the illustrator of Dizzy Little Dotty contacted me about collaborating how could I say no. Her drawings are so whimsical with a darker twist to them, which is exactly what I love with photos, style, fashion theres always another side to the story. Anyway this tshirt took about two to three weeks to be delivered because its from Austrailia, but other than that it came quite quickly. It was everything I expected and more, it was very well wrapped up and presented, which is always something that I think companies lack, that little extra something that shows love and care has gone into thinking about their customer and their product. It was wrapped up in green tissue paper with cute gingham and woodland creature celotape. The tshirt was so lightweight and felt so cool to wear, the colours were light and delicate, and the soft penciled lines created the feminie element to what may be a dark concept on the tee.

Its called 'I'll fight you for it' and there seems to be a brown haired girl disguised as a fox with a knife fighting another for pray, which is a cute little owl. It was quite long on me so you could wear it with burgundy leggings and off the shoulder, or tucked into a Oxblood Coloured Skirt. I got mine from New Look it was twelve pound I couldnt find one anywhere else. I wanted to add a more vintage feel to the outfit by adding a Vintage Collar from Chicwish, It didnt really stay central so I had to pin it on with the circular brooch that came with the collar. This item was an expected gift from Olivia at Chicwish. She has been so lovely to work with and email, definetly a great company, and my favourite boutique ever! I paired the outfit with some gold and silver Chandelier earrings and a tweed jacket both from H&M, fairly new bought. I was trying to go for a preppy look, seeing as the fox is seemingly associated with the Upper Class. 


Sunday, 2 December 2012


Spike Floral Headband- TOPSHOP
Baroque Cardigan- RIVER ISLAND 
Victorian Cream Lace Blouse- ROMWE
Wet Look Leggings- AX PARIS
Leather Boot Heels- KOI COUTURE
Red Lipstick- TOPSHOP
Jewellery- TOPSHOP
Tapestry Bag- EBAY

Hey Guys I'm back, so sorry about the absence University is crazy. The work load has definitely hit my hard in the face, last year I wasn't even creating sketchbooks or writing essays, I was just slumbering around amongst the grassy fields and sleeping most of the day away. I am becoming more focussed and inspired by the freedom that they allows us to have though, its encouraging me to research the history of art and then adapt it to fashion and styling. For instance  I have fallen more madly in love with the Pre-Raphaelite paintings, I mean I've always been a fan but recently I've had the time to just sit on the library floor and read and escape into these romantic fantasy worlds. I am so thankful that at this moment in time the whole brocade and baroque prints are flooding the shops, is it coincidental? 

I feel like I am becoming so much more independent, confident and much more maturer than I was a couple of months ago. Its a shame I haven't been able to blog every day, I have had so many illnesses such as sore throats, bugs, and infections that I rarely get living in the countryside, but thats city life for you eh! The weather has also been so cold and rainy I just want to rush inside and snuggle under the duvet, for those of you who are have the motivation for blogging throughout the winter months I salute you! its so very hard! 

Anyway these photos are quite back dated but hopefully I will be able to blog all my lovely clothes I've bought whilst being a poor student. Yes ok I've said it I spend more money on clothes in Topshop and River Island than food to live on. How can you not resist the temptations! Also falling in love again is the best feeling ever, I guess this kind of shows through my style recently, that sense of strong royal romantic elements are just exposed all over my face, but what can you do, things happen for a reason. I hope you guys are all well and I haven't been ignoring you, I guess some of you understand, Lots of Love, Charlotte x


Photo on 22-11-2012 at 12.08 #4
Photo on 20-11-2012 at 14.29 #5

Thursday, 22 November 2012



Dress- Chi Chi London

Hey Guys, Sorry I have been away for a while who knew that the first term of Uni would keep me so busy! I wish I had more spare time to blog about everything. But most of my evenings have been filled up with sketchbook work and falling in love. So this isn't an outfit post but its a few shots of my DIY creations and my desk in Uni. Its covered with everything to do with the recent Baroque trend. Its really captivated me, not only with its heavy gold embroidery and regal feel but because I feel it imitates art work.  I've been studying the pre-raphaelites for my recent project and the theme is 'containment' so I have tried to twist this idea and point it in the direction of Fashion. The body is contained by fashion, but not only that these beautiful paintings have allowed me to appreciate the female body and look at beauty and life within. How without women there would be no life, not mankind but even flowers and animals. I have a few ideas for my final piece that I am keeping secret right now. But how can one not become mesmerised by how gold and black compliment each other so well. Its pure magic. I've always preferred a darker style but through spring/summer I found it hard to keep. Now I think its staying for good. Living nearer to the high street stores allows me to keep up with the recent trends and I can actually buy and style things that others can now buy at the same time. What I'm trying to say is when you work with companies abroad and you have an outdated wardrobe its hard to inspire your readers to go out and buy similar clothes.
Throughout the summer I have tried to understand what my style is about and what Im trying to express through my photography. I have felt most comfortable dressing up in victorian lace blouses and creating photos that you can escape into. Well through autumn its not as easy to create these surreal escapism concepts and I've now settled for styling my fashion to that of the Renaissance period but with a contemporary gothic twist. My lips are almost everyday painted with a blood red colour, thanks to Topshop's 'Wicked' lipstick. My neck is laced with gold chains and hanging around my neck are two dainty cherubs, its my favourite necklace ever and I think its sold out on the Topshop website which is such a shame. However River Island have caught my eye this month but I find their prices to be considerable high for what the piece is worth. For example a black dress with a heavy embellished pearl and gold rose belt is priced at £70, when you can easily collect a number of beads and vintage pearls from old necklaces and do it yourself. Which is what I have been doing to my shoes, headbands and belts as you can see in the photos below. I hope these inspire you to make do and mend instead of spending your money this season.