Beret - Charity Shop
Polka dot dress - ASDA (kids section 11-12)
Socks- Ebay
Shoes- Miss Selfridge

Christmas is nearly here. Only 2 more sleeps. I don't really like it to be honest never have, it lost all its magic when I saw my dad bring down the presents from up stairs and put them under the tree and when I caught my mum with a milk moustache and biting the carrot that I left for rudolf. How disappointing. Well the part I do enjoy is buying presents and giving them, if you know me I am a very generous person, I just love making people smile with little gifts. I feel like a little fairy or something. I did all my xmas shopping in November! yes very prepared, plus it was all done online so much easier. But now I have to help other people buy  presents because they lack ideas. So yesterday I bought this dress from ASDA I spotted it in the kids section and thought nah that would never fit me its a size 11-12 but believe or not it was like a size 8 in women's clothing, so bizarre. But I fell in love with the peter pan collar on it and it was only £12. Dad said it would be a lot cheaper if I could buy kids shoes and clothes. not that I would though, if I saw a little kid wearing the same dress as me I'd die from embarrassment. Here is my favourite article at the moment about why christmas is creepy and how I hate it, pretty much sums up my feelings.

At the moment I have been sewing a pillowcase for Rookie and making some amazing crowns, that will be in my next post. As for now I shall be taking more photos of Christmas day, my house is going to be full of people but its my nieces 2nd Christmas so I'm looking forward to that. 

Charlotte Clothier


  1. Eeep, thank you so much for putting my badge up on your blog! I've put your up on mine too :3
    That dress is so cute!

  2. That dress is adorable, such a good find! I love your Meadham Kirchhoff look below btw, where did you get the wig from? It looks incredible! xx

  3. I adore this dress, i'm such a sucker for polka dot! You look seriously gorgeous here!