I made a crown from lots of random junk in my house and whilst watching lots of videos of Tavi on youtube. I love her voice so much I thought she was Australian for some reason but she's not.  Ive been christmas shopping today and bought so many pompoms, coloured feathers, butterflies, silky padded stars, and some plain headbands. Ive become addicted to making crowns. I can safely say I have become obsessed with reading Rookie. There is just so much inspiration on there it sets my mind running with so many fashion ideas and ahh crazy days. I love the backstage photos of Meadham Kirchhoff fashion show taken by Eleanor Hardwick, the pastel make up, and cutesy clothes with ballerinas, deers. I will be posting videos soon and tutorials on how to make amazing crowns! but you could just watch Tavi's here because she is da bomb!
(sorry about the bad editing )


Charlotte Clothier


  1. I'm loving the wigs! You are very bold with your fashion choices and may I just say- I'm extremely jealous of all your lovely tutus!

    Amy x

  2. Our tutor at college gave us a list of designers she suggested we look at for one of our projects. Meadham Kirchhoff were one of them, and I absolutely fell in love with their designs!
    I can completely see that you've taken inspiration from them here, I love this outfit!

  3. Wao love this pics and your blog is super cool!!! Hope you follow me back!!!

  4. Love the eye makeup and crown! <3