Monday, 26 December 2011


Here is a quick post of my xmas presents from everyone, Im not going to list everything I got because it would take ages but you can have a nose at some stuff. 
What did you guys get? I hope it was everything you wanted. I shall be doing longer more specific posts later on this week, at the moment its busy with family members around and have to go visiting so see you guys at the end of the week. 

Friday, 23 December 2011


 Beret - Charity Shop
Polka dot dress - ASDA (kids section 11-12)
They are definitely making clothes bigger now because of the child obesity business aha
Socks- Ebay
Shoes- Miss Selfridge

Christmas is nearly here. Only 2 more sleeps. I don't really like it to be honest never have, it lost all its magic when I saw my dad bring down the presents from up stairs and put them under the tree and when I caught my mum with a milk moustache and biting the carrot that I left for rudolf. How disappointing. Well the part I do enjoy is buying presents and giving them, if you know me I am a very generous person, I just love making people smile with little gifts. I feel like a little fairy or something. I did all my xmas shopping in November! yes very prepared, plus it was all done online so much easier. But now I have to help other people buy  presents because they lack ideas. So yesterday I bought this dress from ASDA I spotted it in the kids section and thought nah that would never fit me its a size 11-12 but believe or not it was like a size 8 in women's clothing, so bizarre. But I fell in love with the peter pan collar on it and it was only £12. Dad said it would be a lot cheaper if I could buy kids shoes and clothes. not that I would though, if I saw a little kid wearing the same dress as me I'd die from embarrassment. Here is my favourite article at the moment about why christmas is creepy and how I hate it, pretty much sums up my feelings.

At the moment I have been sewing a pillowcase for Rookie and making some amazing crowns, that will be in my next post. As for now I shall be taking more photos of Christmas day, my house is going to be full of people but its my nieces 2nd Christmas so I'm looking forward to that. 

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I made a crown from lots of random junk in my house and whilst watching lots of videos of Tavi on youtube. I love her voice so much I thought she was Australian for some reason but she's not.  Ive been christmas shopping today and bought so many pompoms, coloured feathers, butterflies, silky padded stars, and some plain headbands. Ive become addicted to making crowns. I can safely say I have become obsessed with reading Rookie. There is just so much inspiration on there it sets my mind running with so many fashion ideas and ahh crazy days. I love the backstage photos of Meadham Kirchhoff fashion show taken by Eleanor Hardwick, the pastel make up, and cutesy clothes with ballerinas, deers. I will be posting videos soon and tutorials on how to make amazing crowns! but you could just watch Tavi's here because she is da bomb!
(sorry about the bad editing )

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


 I woke up to find that my photo has been used on ROOKIE! I am over the moon I didn't realise that it would get chosen. But I am a huge fan of Tavi and her blog I am thrilled. Ive had a few lovely comments from the readers and ahh I can't thank you enough check out my photo for yourself I'm photo 16 Now I'm going to just sit here squealing like a mouse for a little while longer!

Thursday, 15 December 2011


I got this lovely parcel from Amy today, the packaging is so cute! and I am over the moon with the watch necklace its amazing the front is kinda of like a spider web and i love everything on her shop its such a cool store check it out here.
from amy x